New Easy Emote Management: All Your Emotes, One Page

Since the very beginning emotes have been the go-to feature for brand building and a key part of the Twitch community experience. They’re so integral

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Pearl Abyss’s Shadow Arena Re-focuses around “Trio Mode” with strategic & team-oriented 3v3 Combat

SEOUL, South Korea — January 14, 2021 — Pearl Abyss announced today that Shadow Arena has shifted its primary game mode from 1v40 battle royale to a team-based

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Psychological Horror Game “Silver Chains” Locked In for January 29th to Send Cold Shivers Down Your Spine

First-Person Horror Game Silver Chains Is Going to Send Cold Shivers Down Your Spine Releasing for PS4 and Nintendo Switch on Jan 29 January 14th, Cologne – Headup and developer Cracked

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