Ashes of Creation NDA REMOVED for Alpha One Preview Weekend July 9-11

Ashes of Creation NDA REMOVED for Alpha One Preview Weekend July 9-11

Share, talk, stream, and record!

Share, talk, stream, and record!
San Diego – July 9, 2021 | Good news, friends! Intrepid Studios is thrilled to announce that the first-ever Ashes of Creation non-NDA Alpha One Preview Weekend is here. Alpha One testers, press, and official content creators will be able to share their gameplay experiences from  Friday, July 9, 2021 at 11:00 a.m. Pacific through  Sunday, July 11, 2021 at 9:00 p.m. Pacific. While Ashes of Creation is still in alpha and things can and will change ahead of release, this amazing weekend offers a fresh, uncensored look at one of the most innovative MMORPGs in development.

During this non-NDA Alpha One preview weekend, players, content creators, and press will be able to experience a wide array of core features coming to Ashes of Creation including:

  • The Node System including how nodes collect and store accrued experience from players in their Zone of Influence and more.
  • Player Character Systems such as experience gains, the leveling process, death effects, inventory systems, character paper dolls, property ownership, and much more.
  • Ancillary Systems such as caravans, drops, spawns, player trading, mounts, raids, party functionality, guild progression, chat systems, and more.
  • Siege Systems for large-scale battles
  • …and more!

For longtime fans, the non-NDA Alpha One preview weekend is a golden opportunity to see the game in its present state of development without any filters applied. Testers will be able to showcase Ashes of Creation completely unfettered throughout the entire event and developers are excited to share their hard work with the world.

If you are press and want to join our Alpha One Preview Weekend playtest, please fill out this form

If you’re a content creator (streamer or YouTuber, etc), please sign up for the Content Creator program here!

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About Intrepid Studios and Ashes of Creation
Founded in 2015, Intrepid Studios is the independent developer and publisher of the upcoming and Most Anticipated MMORPG, Ashes of Creation. Based in beautiful Southern California, Intrepid has assembled a veteran AAA team of tremendous talent and experience in the MMORPG industry. Passion and dedication are the key components of our recipe for success. At the heart of our motivation and commitment, is our amazing community and their awe-inspiring support for everyone at Intrepid.

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