TheBlackSpeed suffers a setback but battles his way through “DOORS Of Insanity”!

What has two thumbs and really enjoys RPG elements mixed-in humor? This guy! That is exactly what you’re going to get from Doors of Insanity. Doors of Insanity is a new game by the fine people over at Oneshark, published by Another Indie, that is currently in Early Access on Steam. This game features an interesting concept that is sure to scratch the itch of both deck-building and roguelike lovers alike. There is a huge batch of uniqueness under the surface of this game and the more you play it, the more you can uncover.

You start off as a simple character with a few starter cards and then thrown into the vastness of a dungeon to destroy monsters, bosses, and earn more powerful equipment and cards during your journey. You’ll meet witches, warriors, orcs, and other such NPCs that either hinder or help in your quest to traverse dungeon after dungeon. At first, you may think the game is easy, but you will be humbled very fast the deeper you dive into its depths.

There are doors of different varieties and you have the option of picking whichever you prefer. Some of these doors include merchants, elite fights (which are harder than your standard fare monsters), wells to heal, and even just a random door that can be anything your imagination will come up with. There are a lot of surprising elements and twists like this that is sure to make your first run different from your last.

There is a unique system in this game by way of the dice. The dice will increase by 1 each turn, and you will be able to drag-and-drop them either on the monster for damage or yourself for armor. These come in vital when certain bosses impair you from using certain cards, or you need that little boost of damage to help a particular strategy. There are multiple ways to win, and lose, with each turn and that is what makes Doors of Insanity so fascinating.

The art style is another shining piece of this game. You will notice there are quite a cast of characters that look like things you may have seen before, but that will not stop you from appreciating the talent any less. There is a lot of humor and charm in this roguelike, some you don’t quite see from other games in the genre that may take itself too seriously. No need to worry here, Doors of Insanity does not.

Now, some of the gripes of the game are how unbalanced certain elements can be in battle. Health, for example, is almost a rarity in the game. Once you start losing health, it is all but impossible to start getting it back. This can create somewhat of a bottleneck for defense if you’re looking to focus more on offense. Also, when you die you can grab a new card to take with you for your new run, but that is just one card compared to the same several you’ll start with every single time. You can buy certain permanent perks, but that only increases the variety a little bit in the grand scheme of things. This can become stale quite quickly, but hopefully upon release there is more variety for more deck-building options.

Altogether, I really enjoyed my time with Doors of Insanity. It’s Early Access so there is going to be updates and more enhancements to come and that is something we can all look forward to. It’s gameplay is fun, it’s music is pumping, and it’s humor hilarious. It may not tickle everyone, but for the many I know it will they are certainly going to get their money’s worth.

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