Motor Strike: Racing Rampage Out Today on Steam Multiplayer split screen shooting racer

Independent development studio FiveXGames releases Motor Strike: Racing Rampage in Early Access Steam today at 6 PM UTC.

A demented shooting racing game in which you can play alone or with your friends in the 4-split screen mode, or with up to 8 crazy racers in the online mode.

During Early Access you’ll have access to a full racing game. Choose one of the 14 different vehicles, 7 heavy weapons and a lot of skills and be ready to defeat your enemies in more than 20 different tracks.

Motor Strike: Racing Rampage is being released in Early Access and it will remain like that for 6 months. The final version will include a new battle arena mode, challenge mode and a campaign mode as well as more weapons and cars and tracks.

Early Access Short-term Roadmap
Check and finish the Tutorials (They are outdated)
Improve and correct the localization for the already supported languages (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese)
Improve input management: Rebinding for controllers and Keyboard
Audio improvements and gameplay balance
Activate Dexterities progression
General bug fixing and performance optimization

Early access Long-term Roadmap
Campaign Mode
Challenge Mode
Battle Mode
Better game balance and AI
New Cars
New Scenes
Steam additional features
New weapons

Features (During EA)
More than 20 tracks in six types of environments!
14 insane vehicles with unique style and skills.
Your race, your rules, many different game modes, and race directives!
7 different artillery weapons to combat your friends and enemies.
New gameplay mechanics like the Strike Back or the Rolling Strike!
Local Mode with split screen and online up to 8 players

Note: Multiplayer is intended as a tool to mainly play with friends

Additional Information

Steam Store
Official Website
Studio’s Website

About FiveXGames
We are a small Indie Spanish based Team. We thrive doing funny experiences for the players. We started back in 2015-2016 (when we won the “Art” prize of PlayStation Awards with the game “Motor Strike: Immortal Legends” that we launched for PS4 in 2016, which is the predecessor of this title.

We have been working in a prototype game called Project Blockchainz and after that we start working hard on the title FallNation which besides Motor Strike is the other title we are working on right now.

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