It’s January, There’s No Big Games SOOOOOO Why Not Play Doors of Insanity Before It Heads to Steam Early Access on February 10th 2021

Look, its January, we are all very tired and traumatized from a horrible year, but you know what would make some earnest game loving people very happy? You playing our card slinging, deck building RPG Doors of Insanity and/or helping us announce that we are coming to Early Access on Steam on 10th of February 2021 for 16.99USD!

Doors of Insanity took deck building roguelikes and action RPGs and smashed together until they fit together! We have incredible cards, powerful allies, unexpected events, and LOADS of loot! Loot that’s individually crafter, loot forged with love (not a sad overworked item generator), loot that affects not only stats but how your character looks, feels, and plays.

You want to cosplay as a popular character from a legally undefined series? You can! Want to wear big bat wings? You can! Want to embrace the evil within and have a devil on your shoulder? You. Freaking. Can!

Doors of Insanity will be coming to Steam Early Access later this year with other platforms to be announced!

Key Features

Create and upgrade a unique character 

Summon awesome allies including Shield Beaters, Wizards, and Demonic Bugs! 

Wield a variety of magic weapons including powerful Sword of The Three Saints and the less-powerful Dad’s Hammer 

Engage in dozens of encounters behind the doors of insanity 

Travel through 4 major areas that hold more than 40 doors to unknown realms! 

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