Mad Pixels, the competitive multiplayer take on Japanese nonograms, is featuring a new update on iOS and Android, available for free and compatible with mobile and tablet devices.

The purpose in Mad Pixels is to draw a hidden picture pixel by pixel, with the help of number clues. Clues tell you how many groups of pixels are in a row or column, and how many pixels each group has.

The new update contains Daily Login Rewards, Gems available for purchase at the shop, Spinning the wheel for Gems, Graphical Overhaul, Increased the Wheel jackpot chance, Randomized puzzle Rank selection, Fixed Dark mode for Android devices, New Unlockable Avatars and Easter eggs, and bug fixes

Compete against other players from all over the world. The highest scores are what count, and everything can boost your score. Get enough points and level up! As you level, you will unlock special rewards and new game modes.

If competition is not your style, you can still play to relax and train your brain. All puzzles you solve are added to your Trophy Case for you to look at and marvel at your achievements.

Join a tournament (unlocked at level 5) and battle your way to the top. Tournaments appear 3 times per week, last 24 hours, and you solve consecutive puzzles against other players, for big points and huge rewards.

Thousands of puzzles to solve. More added every day
Beautiful graphics
Fancy music and sound
Upgradeable puzzle images
Three puzzle difficulty levels
Personal score, stats and level progression
Trophy case of your solved puzzles
Tons of unlockables to discover
Test your luck in Spin the Wheel
3 Multiplayer Tournaments per week
Global, Local and Monthly Leaderboards
Lots of Easter Eggs to discover
Compatible with both Phones and Tablets
Comprehensive tutorial, help and support
Regular updates with new features

If you need more information about Mad Pixels, don’t hesitate in getting back to me.


Sotiris “aMUSiC” Varotsis
Split Infinity Games

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