Skystone Games Announces Highly-Anticipated Titles Boundary and The Last Friend

Skystone Games Brings Global Publishing Expertise to the Competitive Shooter and Tower Defense Genres

San Francisco – January 13th, 2020 | Skystone Games, a new global publisher founded by industry veterans Bill Wang and David Brevik, today announces two additional titles to its 2021 publishing lineup: Surgical Scalpels’ gravity-defying shooter Boundary, and Stonebot Studios’ light-hearted doggo-loving action game The Last Friend. Both titles join UndyingSpacelines from the Far Out, and Underworld Dreams to round out a stellar and diverse lineup from studios across the world. All five games will be launching on both PC and console in the 2021 calendar year, with Boundary launching this Summer and The Last Friend launching in the Spring.

In just six months’ time, Skystone Games has built a strong and diverse game portfolio of five games with more to follow. The addition of the highly-anticipated Boundary to their launch lineup gives Skystone one of 2021’s most anticipated games in a global market. They are actively courting new studios and games to publish, and developers can pitch their projects at the Skystone Games website.

Skystone aims to redefine the industry by aggressively scouting under the radar opportunities in emerging markets and providing developers with a full launchpad of services/mentorship, empowering developers to focus on the games they are building. Galaxy Interactive led the round via its Galaxy EOS VC Fund, a partnership with EOSIO blockchain software publisher, Drawn to Bill Wang and David Brevik’s desire to help studios of all sizes find success in the games industry, and their focus on emerging and otherwise hard to reach markets, Galaxy Interactive is providing the investment Skystone Games needs to bring exciting new ideas to a crowded market in 2021. 

Industry veterans Bill Wang and David Brevik founded Skystone Games on the principle that talent is paramount, and that great gaming experiences can come from anywhere in the world. The company plans to build a diverse and robust portfolio by providing hands-on development support to the teams, leveraging all the best practices learned through decades of industry success. Skystone joins Huya in a strategic partnership to publish Boundary: Huya will publish the game in the Greater China region, while Skystone takes on publishing in the rest of the global market.

“It is our goal that Skystone Games will become a premiere developer-first publishing studio for many years to come,” said CEO Bill Wang. “We believe in the independence, ingenuity, and passion of today’s game development studios, and we cannot wait to show everyone the kind of surprises we have in store for 2021 and beyond.”

For background, Bill Wang served an integral role in identifying and investing in talented studios such as Runic Games, Unknown Worlds and more at Perfect World, and David Brevik is the creator of Blizzard’s Diablo franchise, one of the top-selling franchises of all time, and will serve as an executive producer for the titles Skystone signs. The company stands apart from competitive third-party publishers by providing developers with a complete launchpad of services, mentorship, and expertise that enables developers to focus solely on making great games while relying on Skystone for help with PR, platform relations, product management, marketing, community management, and support.

“When Bill and David came to our team intending to provide creative guidance and global publishing services in a way that empowers developers and shares the rewards of their hard work, we were ecstatic to get involved,” said Sam Englebardt, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Galaxy Interactive. “We believe in Skystone’s vision and can’t wait to see what everyone thinks of the games they’re making.”

About Boundary
Set in an alternate near-future timeline where the Space Force is more than a Netflix TV show, Boundary explores space combat like never before. Taking the best of first-person shooter mechanics, adding in Zero-G movement, Surgical Scalpels creates a new visceral experience for fans of competitive shooters. Battle over the remains of space stations or solar arrays on maps that literally defy gravity.

  • A completely new take on the competitive FPS
  • An extremely flexible customization system
  • A sprawling collection of open-air gravity-defying maps
  • World-class visuals built on Unreal Engine 4

About Spacelines from the Far Out
Flying your ship around the galaxy is hard enough, but when catering to wild alien passengers, that’s when it gets far out. Join friends online to play together as the crew of this crazy, ever-changing co-op adventure. With retro-inspired visuals and a peerless soundtrack, Spacelines from the Far Out will have you and your friends laughing and flying through the Milky Way.

  • Friends fly together in co-op mode both online and on the couch
  • Navigate a galaxy of crazy alien characters
  • Customize your spaceship and corporation
  • Endless replayability and upgrades to obtain

About The Last Friend
When the world goes into the apocalypse, there is nothing better than best friends as company… especially when it’s an army of loyal canine companions. The Last Friend brings in an army of super-powered dogs to help players drive back the violent mutants and gangs of the apocalypse in a fun, fast-paced hybrid of Tower Defense and Beat-Em-Up.

  • Tower Defense meets Brawler with a seamless blend of genres
  • Dogs, Dogs, and More Dogs to help fight enemies
  • Survive the wasteland an upgradeable roving battle station
  • And yes… you can pet the dogs.

About Underworld Dreams
The dark mysteries await in this first-person game set in the 1980s. Explore, unlock, and do battle as the forces of cosmic horror unfold. A new take on the mythos of Lovecraft, Underworld Dreams is a thinking player’s terrifying experience.

  • Puzzles blend into a woven story of cosmic terror
  • Carefully choose your weapons as combat matters
  • A dark and psychological horror tale inspired by the work of HP Lovecraft

About Undying
The zombie apocalypse came for everyone, even you. As the mother Anling, your undying wish is to have your son Cody survive and rebuild humanity. This emotional tale balances a players’ quest for resources while fighting the undead, all mixed with the development of skills for survival.

  • A deep story that tugs the heartstrings while keeping the action and tension high
  • Build skills and tools to survive and teach Cody to survive when you’re gone
  • A blend of survival and mystery as you strive to find a new life for your son

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