TheBlackSpeed tests his tenacity with  “Fury Unleashed” this is a Simple review !

TheBlackSpeed tests his tenacity with “Fury Unleashed” this is a Simple review !

Fury Unleashed is a roguelike that involves racking up combos in order to increase certain bonuses and increase the skillset you’re allotted over the course of your run. Most roguelikes usually follow the formula of changing maps, increasing difficulty of enemies, and random upgrades when you’re done. They don’t have a system tied to actually jumping into the battle and purposefully engaging the enemy in order to become stronger on-the-fly. By getting and attaining combos, you are increasing your chances of survival, creating an ironic game of cat-and-mouse that helps you more than hurts you. If you’re a fan of games like Metal Slug, Contra, or those other run-and-gun style of shooters, you’re in for a treat with Fury Unleashed.

Fury Unleashed allows you to play either single-player or couch co-op. Online with a friend would be nice, but maybe one day we can hope for that down the road. One of the more interesting pieces of Fury Unleashed is its interesting art style. This game plays itself like the pages of a comic book and you’re granted more of the story with each panel you unlock. In fact, not only is it like a comic book, you also have to collect ink in order to advance in order to gain more of the story. We thought that was a pretty cool concept to truly be the creator of your story and world as you blast your way panel after panel.

You will also have the freedom to customize your hero in the style of your choice, unlocking more choices to make your hero truly your own. After each run, you’ll be presented with the option to change their hairstyle, face, and skills to fit their playstyle to the way you want to play. Focus more on defense with health skills, focus more on scavenging with abilities that allow you to grab more ink and ammo, or focus more on keeping that combo alive by allowing more time before your combo expires. The choice is yours and the abilities can almost feel limitless at times.

Fury Unleashed also features a great soundtrack composed by some incredible leaders in the industry. With each release of your bullet, each scoop of ink, and each journey through the pages, you will feel as if you’re a part of the world you’re helping to clean up, as the crisp sounds of the flow of battle whisp through the screen.
I very much enjoyed my time with Fury Unleashed and found myself wanting to do run after run once I got the hang of its combo-centric gameplay. Although I never maintained a combo over 100, I see myself playing at least 100 more times to make that happen.

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