F-Sim | Space Shuttle VR Out on Oculus Go Today Other VR and non-VR platforms coming soon

F-Sim | Space Shuttle VR Out on Oculus Go Today Other VR and non-VR platforms coming soon

Vienna, Austria –October 1, 2020– Independent games developer SkyTale Studios release their critically acclaimed flight simulator F-Sim | Space Shuttle VR on Oculus Go today. 

F-Sim | Space Shuttle VR is a realistic and accurate space shuttle simulator in which you can chase that perfect landing, compare your high scores online with your friends, earn medals, and unlock achievements. 

Each attempt in F-Sim | Space Shuttle VR takes just a few minutes, and the analysis and scoring system tells you exactly how to improve your next one. At the end of each flight, watch a replay from different camera angles.

F-Sim | Space Shuttle VR features different weather conditions, night approaches, and even emergency scenarios or system failures. 

F-Sim | Space Shuttle VR is the port of our successful space shuttle simulator originally released on iOS and Android. The VR version is a complete rewrite and features greatly enhanced graphics.

F-Sim | Space Shuttle VR will be launched in other VR and non-VR platforms in the near future. 


  • Highly realistic flight simulator
  • Realistic instrument displays
  • Stability augmentation and autopilot features
  • Veteran options like full manual control, emergency scenarios, and system failures
  • Virtual 3D cockpit with incredible detail
  • High resolution terrain textures
  • Day/night cycles
  • Atmospheric scattering
  • Fun gameplay with scores, online leaderboards, and achievements
  • Cinematic replays

About SkyTale Studios EnthusiasmEnthusiasm and a focus on top quality is what brought SkyTale together. We love everything related to aviation and space exploration. We care deeply about the fine details and never release a game that we don’t personally enjoy playing. Custom physics engines, carefully tuned to deliver the utmosting realism. Highly optimized, handwritten shaders to create stunning graphics. Desktop class performance even on mobile devices. Fun and rewarding gameplay. That’s what SkyTale stands for.

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