Fates Call ! Chapter 3 !

So you want to hear about what came next. Pull up a seat friend. For the next part of the tale is very dark indeed. I do not recall how long the journey took to get to the stronghold of the Cult Of Forgotten Shadow. It could have been days most certainly. I was tied to a horse, a hood over my head. We
traveled at night it seemed to me. They had done something to incapacitate me. They had bound my hands to the pommel of the saddle. While they kept me physicality restrained, they could not shutter my mind. Many dark thoughts filled my head, how I would slowly make them all pay for what they had done. I imagined taking them all to the brink of death, to mend them back to
health so we could start again. They would suffer ten fold for everyone they had killed. Vengeance would be mine. It may be days, weeks, months, possibly years. But I committed every shred of information I could to memory. A name mentioned in passing, the name of a town in some far off land, the sound of a voice. All of it locked away for use some day.

One evening we arrived. The air was damp and heavy, and had an odd burnt smell the likes of which I have never experienced. They brought me to a cell, and forced me in. Once again I became a caged animal. And something clicked in me. That was what I needed to become. Just a mindless beast. All of those years of disciplined training would now save me, and spell their doom. Slowly I locked all of those memories held dear to me away. One by one, locked behind doors of iron, behind fortified gates, blocked passages, doors were locked and the mental keys were melted in the fires of vengeance burning in me. We would see who the victor of this fight would be.
They fed me some type of bread, and water, there was no light, no sense of time, I was locked away for days it seemed. One day a man came. His appearance was odd indeed. He was there, and yet not. I later learned what it meant to take on Shadowform. The state of mind needed to wield destructive spells meant to kill. They tried to teach me. Tried to get me to embrace the void, to tap into the energies of the Old Gods. But the training I had allowed me to keep my sanity. They would beat me with canes, trying to force a reaction, to lash out. And I would sit there and take it all. Never flinching, never screaming in pain, or anguish. To them I was just a husk. An empty vessel that they thought to fill with their dark arts. I did not let them know, but I learned it all. While locked away I would wander the halls seeing through my tormentors eyes, learned which hallways led further into the keep, and which might someday give me my freedom. I learned there were more prisoners like me. Pandaran, Orcs, Trolls, Goblins, and even Blood Elves. All of the races of the Horde were here. And a plan started to form in my mind. A way to free not only myself, but this small group of comrades. For comrades we were in our desire to be free, and to even the scales.

I witnessed many fall to the seductiveness of the void. There is only so far any one being can be pushed before the smallest slip allows it to wind its way through your thoughts. I had let some of that power through. Had created a cell to contain it in my mind. To study it, to find out its strengths and weaknesses. It fought me every night. Lashing out against my mind, making me relive that day when everyone I knew had been killed. Over and over it tried. It tried yelling, tried to use sympathy, it could help me defeat them all, just let it take control, just for a minute. I would see. All of my darkest dreams of vengeance could be had. I remembered those times when I was younger, fighting unseen dragons, and wild creatures, alongside my friend. Her light kept the dark locked away.

One night it was very quiet in my mind. Being cautious I searched out my shadowy prisoner. Something was different this time. It was not the chaotic presence I had come to know. No, this was something different entirely. I knew that the mental cage would never hold this power back. This was something beyond this world. A voice resounded in my head. Ironically it apologized and spoke softer. Barely a whisper, but clear as my voice speaking to you. The voice told me not to fear. I was destined for something far greater than these Charlatans could ever fathom. The voice spoke to me, told me of the endless war between light and dark, and all of the places in between. Of millennia where a battle raged. There were some that walked the path between both. Those that knew, there could be no shadow without light, no light without shadow to keep it from burning itself to nothingness. The voice told me. Think on what I have said. Tomorrow we will begin. My days were spent being trained by my captors, frustrated more and more each day. Why wouldn’t I break, what was the key they needed to finally break through the barrier in my mind. They had come close a few times, had forced me to watch as they tortured others, trying to get me to heal their wounds so that they might gain a foothold. But I never broke. That presence in my mind was teaching me far more than these zealots ever could. A day of reckoning was coming. I could feel it. A storm was brewing. The air had an acrid smell to it. Something was coming and I would have but one chance. After these many months of torture, there were only five of us left. We were all different races, and I had found out through glimpses at documents left carelessly out, that we were all not priests. There was the Orc Warrior that has demonstrated a potential that they thought they could use, the Troll Hunter, the lumbering Tauren Druid, and the Goblin Shaman. Five of us had withstood months of torture. We had created our own kind of language. Simple nods, rolling a shoulder. Our time in captivity had allowed us to form a bond. And our time was coming. One evening the voice came to me, and this time it was not holding back, was no longer the meek presence in my mind. It spoke plainly to me. I can teach you no more. You know how to tap into the forces of the void. You have the control necessary to keep you from Madness. This is your time. I will Channel as much of my power through you as I dare. The others can never know what I have done for you. This is a fight you must finish on your own. What power I had at my beck and call, nothing could stand before me, I had the power to slay gods at the tips of my fingers. And yet there was a voice. The voice of a little Orc girl. Telling me, we are the champions of the light, the defenders of the innocent, the warriors for justice, we are not they who prey on the weak. We are not them. The explosion as the door of my cell was blasted down the hall was surely heard. The sounds of running from far off, I did not have much time. The door had taken care of my jailer. To be fair there was more door than jailer left. And I will admit to grinning just a touch. He was an awful sort. Never bathed, and made sure to make our lives as miserable as possible. I quickly gathered his keys and set out to find my comrades. We quickly made our way down rarely used passages, dispatching guards unfortunate enough to cross our paths. There was one person I did sorely wish to find during our escape, but fate had other plans for our meeting years later. I lost count on how many lost their lives that day, none of those that had raided the Crossroads were there, their time would come. We found ourselves out of the keep, the wind and rain made it nearly impossible to see. We had no idea where we were going, pure adrenaline kept us moving. We were not followed, or more likely we left no one alive to follow us. We found ourselves, battered, malnourished, with the rags they had let us wear, alive the next morning. We had escaped, but were far from being free. It would not take long for someone to realize what had happened. We needed to find a safe haven, and soon. We walked for days, eating what we could find, hiding from patrols seen in the distance. One morning we came upon a road, well worn, and the terrain seemed all to familiar. We were near Orgimmar, we were near my home, but we dared not go to the city. We did not know who we could trust. Where might we find allies. Our Tauren friend said he knew where we could go, where we could heal, and plan out our revenge. Fate had brought us together, and we had answered it’s call.

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