Merge Announces Early Access Plans for Next-Gen RTS, DWARFHEIM

Merge Announces Early Access Plans for Next-Gen RTS, DWARFHEIM

Confirmation of variety of content included in day 1 of Early Access, including a brand-new game mode, and the reasons for this release decision!

Manchester, UK, July 30th, 2020 — Merge Games, along with Norway-based developers, Pineleaf Studio, are releasing DwarfHeim into Early Access Fall. This move comes as part of a commitment to players to continue adding new content and quality of life improvements to DwarfHeim throughout its Early Access, making it a strong and robust RTS via direct feedback from the community. All of the content originally planned for this year’s launch is included in the Early Access.

“We want to make sure DwarfHeim is the best co-op RTS experience out there” says Pineleaf CEO, Hans-Andreas Klevin. “Our Early Access Launch this Fall will allow us to keep developing the game together with our community, seeing what features engage players the most and learning what can be done to make DwarfHeim more fun.”
DwarfHeim wouldn’t be nearly as good without all the hours of feedback given to us by our community,” he adds. “With our Early Access Launch, we plan to keep delivering new features and content until we, together with our community, are content that DwarfHeim is finished.

Introducing a Brand-New Single-Player & Co-op Mode

  • Single-Player and Online Co-op
    • Survival — A gruelling and fast-paced challenge mode. All classes, buildings, units and abilities are immediately unlocked. Test your strategies and strength with the various difficulty settings. Challenge yourself and try to outlive the onslaught of troll waves that come your way in the Survival mode.
    • Sandbox — A more relaxed game mode for the player who likes to take their time. Expand your settlement across the map in this single-player mode. All units and buildings are immediately unlocked, build your own experience, and create your perfect settlement in the Sandbox mode.
  •  Multiplayer 
    • Conquest — The main co-op multiplayer mode of DwarfHeim. Choose a class, join up with 2 other players and work together to tear through the enemy team’s defenses and destroy their Town Hall.
  • New Game-Mode: SKIRMISH (Single-Player and Online Co-op) ·
    •  Skirmish — Put your strategies to the test in this challenging mode. Pit your Dwarves against an AI-controlled rival clan in a series of maps each more challenging than the last. Overcome challenges in each map from varying abundance of resources to difficult terrain and destroy the other Dwarven settlement before they come for you!

DwarfHeim is the next generation of co-op Real-Time-Strategy games. a 1-3 player game where players build, manage and defend a Dwarven city against the constant threat of feral trolls and rivaling Dwarven clans (another team of 1-3 players). This game innovates within the RTS genre with co-op and team-focused gameplay that will appeal to gamers who have wanted to conquer arm-in-arm with their friends. 

DwarfHeim’s asymmetric co-op style makes it a first among multi-player RTS games. Players stay within their chosen class for the duration of a game. All players and classed share the common goal of growing their Dwarven Clan. They also pool and share their resources: Warriors, Builders and Miners must work together, a Builder may need stone for walls, but the Miner needs wood to refine the stone and build underground structures. Communication is key and sacrifice may be required.

Create and enhance different tactics and adapt to your opponents’ strategies, develop your settlement from a single building to a thriving stronghold. Vanquish your enemies, train your army, gather resources, increase your population and keep your dwarves healthy and strong by brewing potent ales so that they will continue to fight the good fight.

Key Features

  • The Next Generation of Co-op RTS – DwarfHeim innovates the RTS genre with asymmetric co-op, a thrilling team game-play that will appeal to fans of multiplayer games everywhere.
  • Single and Multi-Player – DwarfHeim boasts multiple game types for the player who likes to play with friends, or by themselves.
  • Choose Your Class – Builder, Miner Or Warrior! Devise your strategies and choose which units, buildings and technology best meets the needs of you and your team.
  • Co-op is Key – Team up with 2 other players in Conquest, a competitive multiplayer game mode. Tear through the enemy team’s defences and destroy their Town Hall!

DwarfHeim is currently in development by Pineleaf Studio and is scheduled to release into Early Access this Fall. Immerse yourself in the world of DwarfHeim today on Steam and add the game to your wishlist here! DwarfHeim will be running a closed beta from August 7 to August 16, join the Discord to learn how to get your hands on a key, the latest Beta news and a chat with the Pineleaf Devs!

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