A Story of Love, Sacrifice, and Sacred Otherworldly Entities

A Story of Love, Sacrifice, and Sacred Otherworldly Entities

Earl Edmond Steinrot Welcomes You to Grau Hill Mansion 

TAIWAN – Tuesday, 25th, August 2020. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. 

Lamentum is a deliciously dark, survival horror set in an 19th century New England estate. Developed by the twisted minds at Obscure Tales and published by Another Indie, the foul beasts behind Yuppie Psycho, The Simulacra Series and upcoming title Vigil: The Longest Night. Lamentum will be available to play at GamesCom 2020. 

Victor and Alissa, a young noble couple, are lured to Grau Hill with the promise of a cure for Alissa’s wasting disease but sometimes, the cure is worse than the affliction. Dripping with blood and bloated with monstrous entities, Grau Hill mansion reveals itself to be far from the center of healing they had envisaged and Victor will need to use every tool, wield every weapon and keep his wits to survive what awaits in the darkened halls. The decisions he makes and the actions he takes will also determine the course of future events and a happy ending isn’t always possible. 

Lamentum is what would happen if  Nyarlathotep became a game developer and made an old school survival horror.” – Francisco Calvelo – Game Designer Baroque Decay, Creator of Yuppie Psycho 

Lamentum is inspired by classic survival horror titles including Resident Evil and Silent Hill, as well as the novels of HP Lovecraft, and ran a successful Kickstarter in July 2019.  
If you would like to play the preview build of Lamentum or set up a meeting during GamesCom:

Lamentum is coming to PC and Switch in Spring 2021 with PlayStation and Xbox to be announced later. Lamentum features an array of exciting features to compel and corrupt the strongest willed! 

  • An array of 19th Century Melee and Ranged weaponry 
  • Twisted nightmarish enemies including the Fly Spreader and Walking Famine 
  • Manipulate horrifying artifact like the Child’s Tooth Box
  • Branching paths and multiple endings Choose to run or stand and fight 
  • Carefully manage your inventory and resources 
  • A huge mansion and its sprawling grounds to explore 
  • A terrifying plot for a mature audience 

About Obscure Tales

Obscure Tales is a two person team based in Seville Spain. With a passion for the sinister and the macabre these two blighted souls found one another and began journey to create the most corrupting digital products they could. For more information please visit: https://obscuretales.com/ 

About Another Indie

Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Another Indie believes that language and geography shouldn’t be an obstacle to gamers who want to enjoy the best that the world has to offer and strives to make games successful in traditional and non-traditional markets. To learn more about Another Indie visit https://anotherindie.com/ 

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