Fates Call! The beginning !

Fates Call! The beginning !

Well hello there adventurer.  Could I interest you in a trade?  Buy a drink for an old man and I will tell you a tale of one of Azeroth’s unknown hero’s as he told it to me many years ago.

Where does one start to talk about their lives.  My earliest memories where not of a childhood playing in the streets with other children my age, nor were they filled with laughter and adventure.  Those would come later in life for me.  My earliest memories are of being caged.  Riding along in the back a cart, a novelty to be sold by Blax Bottlerocket.  He was an odd sort, the only Goblin I knew for many years.  Where at one time I was something to be sold, years later I would call him friend, if you could call a Goblin a friend.

My earliest memories are of where life for me began. No not where I was born, not of parents, or siblings, but of the first family I was sold to. Hrak’thal had purchased me as a pet for his daughter Jale’. They lived just outside of the Crossroads, in a non hospitable land rightfully called The Barrens. It was a hard life to live. Certainly there was ample game to be hunted, skins and furs to be sold as trade for spices and of course Ale. Speaking of which, I should pour myself a tankard, would you care for one too? Yes, I thought so. Traveling does give one a thirst that can never be quenched. But I digress. Jale’ was 4 years old when her father bought me from Blax. I was such a small thing, dressed in those silly silk robes with my straw hat. I was her pet. And being very young myself I had no idea that I would grow to be very large indeed. To me, I was what they told me I was. Just a pet for a little girl.

Initially she liked to find all sorts of outlandish outfits for me to wear, but time changes all, and when I was no longer a small pet to be dotted on, our adventures changed. Soon I became the mount for Princess Jale’, charging into battle, she was the champion of light, riding her giant bear to vanquish all those who would do harm to those that could not defend themselves. It was a much simpler time for her, and me, full of adventures and stories that only can come from the imagination of a child. As she grew older and started to have more responsibility around her families Home, I found myself too lending a hand. I was no longer the small pet, but had grown to stand as tall as her father, and was a fair match for him in strength. There was a day, just like many other days before, and many since, where a strange sound could be heard coming up the road. The music was strange to my ears, yet oddly captivating. Jale’, never to be one to let others have a first look quickly raced to a watch tower, taking the steps two, sometimes three at a time, racing up level by level, much like she had many times before. No one heard the sound as the railing broke, but her scream was heard in all corners of the camp, and then it stopped.

I found my way through the crowd, desperate to know that my worst fear was unfounded, peering over all those standing about, I saw her there, she looked like one of her dolls that had been tossed on the floor. No one saw me initially pushing my way through the crowd, when they would not move I made them. I had to do something, her life was not destined to end this way, she was a force for the light, she was it’s champion, and by the gods she would be again. To this day I don’t know how I managed to do what I did. Some how I was able to bring her back to life. Everyone in town slowly backed away from me. They had no idea what had just happened. Her father came running up grabbing his daughter, tears rolling down his grizzled face. I thought you were lost to us, he said. I heard a faint whisper from the crowd, “he brought her back”. All around me everyone was nodding in agreement. Hrak’thal came over to me, placed his hands on my shoulders and gave me the strongest hug I have ever gotten. He backed away, wiping the tears from his face, and I saw him say thank you. Hrak’thal climbed up on a nearby wagon, and yelled loud enough for all to hear. “Hear me, hear me now. From this day forth, you will no longer be known as a pet, as a toy a father bought for his daughter, you have saved my little girl. I am beyond words, no amount of silver or gold can ever repay you for what you have done this day. All that I have to offer, is to give you a true name, a name with honor, of strength, of character, I name you as part of my family. I name you, Mara’thal.

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