Game and Anime Talents Release Charity Single from My Hero Academia

Game and Anime Talents Release Charity Single from My Hero Academia

Following May’s COVID-19 Cowboy Bebop charity single, composer Mason Lieberman with 80 artists and original composer tackle My Hero Academia

LOS ANGELES – August 10, 2020 –  Composer Mason Lieberman is proud to present a follow up to his May 2020 COVID-19 Cowboy Bebop charity single with “You Say Run,” an all-mighty plus-ultra tribute to My Hero Academia that will benefit the UNICEF charity. “You Say Run” features over 80 guest artists including series composer Yuki Hayashi, English voice cast members, a several composers and performers from across the anime and videogame industries. “You Say Run” is licensed and available today with a special vinyl edition that includes a techno remix by anime composer James Landino that can be pre-ordered through Qrates:“You Say Run” on Bandcamp“You Say Run” Vinyl on Qrates“You Say Run” on Spotify“It is our pleasure to produce this limited-run charity release in support of UNICEF,” comments composer and album organizer Mason Lieberman. “Their unwavering dedication to helping children in indeed is the truest definition of what it means to go beyond!”

You Say Run” Vinyl on Qrates
 The full list of contributors and their key credits are as follows:
Music Direction/Arrangement – Mason Lieberman (Senior Game Audio Coordinator at Tencent. Composer/recording artist on projects like RWBYRising of the Shield HeroLeague of LegendsSuper Smash Bros.)

Mix / Additional Guitar – Masahiro Aoki (Legendary former composer at Capcom with credits on Mega Man, Street Fighter VAstral Chain)

Mastering Engineer – Jett Galindo (Mastering engineer of the La La Land OST, Barbra Streisand, Green Day, and more)

Choral Arrangements – Austin Wintory (Grammy-nominated composer of JourneyAssassin’s Creed: SyndicateJohn Wick Hex, and more)

Vocal Production / Glitch Guitar – thebishopgame (Producer, engineer, and guitarist; FOH for the Video Game Orchestra and Tina Guo)

String MIDI Preparations – Nabeel Ansari (Impact Soundworks)

Additional String Orchestration- Lance Treviño (Composer on Beyblade BurstChef’s TableHanazuki)

Additional Brass Orchestration – Dallas Crane (Composer, assistant to Austin Wintory)

Featured vocalists from the cast of My Hero Academia:

Christopher Sabat (All Might)
Clifford Chapin IV (Katsuki Bakugou)
Luci Christian (Ochako Uraraka)
Monica Rial (Tsuyu Asui)
J. Michael Tatum (Tenya Iida)
Brina Palencia (Minoru Mineta)
Caitlin Glass (Mina Ashido)
Kellen Goff (Overhaul)
Anairis Quiñones (Mirko)
Brandon McInnis (Sir Nighteye)
Greg Ayres (Koji Koda)
Morgan Berry (13)
Alexis Tipton (Mei Hatsume)
Dawn M. Bennett (Setsuna Tokage)
Felecia Angelle (Toru Hagakure)
Ricco Fajardo (Mirio Togata)
Megan Shipman (La Brava)
Jerry Jewell (Kesagiriman, Nedzu)
Mike McFarland (Masahirao Ojiro)
Bryn Apprill (Ibara Shiozaki)
Daman Mills (Chainsaw Nomu)
Kristen McGuire (Tatami Nakagame)

Additional vocalists include:

Caleb Hyles (Singer on RWBY and YouTuber)
Casey Lee Williams (Lead singer on RWBY)
Shihori (Singer/songwriter on Fairy TailMacross Frontier, and more)
Úyanga Bold (Singer for League of LegendsOverwatch, voice of EWQL)
Adriana Figueroa (YouTuber Adrisaurus/singer on Cadence of Hyrule and SMITE)
Emmanuel Lagumbay (Audio coordinator at Riot Games)
Clay Agnew (Vocalist and producer in Foxchase)
Isaac Schutz (Composer and violist)
Felicia Rojas (Grammy-nominated violinist with Mariachi Divas, Area of Effect)
Alejandro Espinosa (YouTuber wolfman1405 and SilvaGunner collaborator)
John Robert Matz (BAFTA-nominated composer on For the KingFossil Echo)
Elspeth Bawden (Anime/game vocalist for Made in Abyss: Dawn of the Deep Soul)
Lisa Laimer (Vocalist and YouTuber Eleviisa)
Tee Lopes (Composer of Sonic Mania)

The band:
Piano – Takahiro Obata (Composer of The Promised Neverland)

Organ – Robbie Benson (Band leader of Super Soul Bros)

Guitar – David McLean (Guitarist on Beyblade BurstOne Minute Melee, host of Animyze)

Bass – Yuki Lin Hayashi (Bassist with Matheus Asato, John Mayer, and more)

Alto Saxophone – Patrick Bartley Jr. (Grammy-nominated saxophonist for Best New Jazz Artist and director of the J-Music Ensemble)

Flute Solo – Kevin Penkin (BAFTA-nominated composer of Made in AbyssRising of the Shield HeroTower of God)

Drums – Blaize Collard (Drummer for Video Game Orchestra, Capcom Live!, Chuggernaut)

Percussion – Noriko Terada (Percussion for Final Fantasy XVPhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney 6Chrono Cross 20th Anniversary Tour)

Shaker – Joe Sua (Composer and producer of Dust EP)

Guitar Soloist 1 – Ichika (Popular Japanese guitarist)

Guitar Soloist 2 – Jules Conroy (YouTuber FamilyJules and electric guitarist known for Cadence of Hyrule)

Guitar Soloist 3 – Jun Senoue (Guitarist of Crush 40)

Guitar Soloist 4 – Guthrie Govan (English huitar virtuoso with The Aristocrats, Asia, GPS, Erotic Cakes, Steven Wilson, and Hans Zimmer. Guitarist of the Year, 1993)

Cello Solo – Tina Guo (Cello soloist on films like Wonder WomanThe Lion KingBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and more)

Modular Synthesizers – Dale North (Composer of Wizard of Legend and Nintendo Minute)

Rap guests:

Substantial (Rapper with Nujabes)
Mega Ran (Billboard-charting indie teacher, rapper, and hero)
Zaid Tabani (Rapper for Street FighterRed VS BlueLeague of Legends)

Violin:Molly Rogers (Violin soloist and vocalist with Hans Zimmer Live, Kendrick Lamar, Miley Cyrus, and dozens of films and shows)

David Morales Boroff (Legendary double presidential, not a typo)

Felicia Rojas (Grammy-nominated violinist with Mariachi Divas, Area of Effect)

Jeff Ball (ASCAP award-winning composer and violinist for Steven UniverseTime SpinnerStar WarsDead Space 3Gears of War, and The Last Airbender (Wii) game adaptation (based on the M. Night Shyamalan movie… really!)

Viola:Joe Chen (Violist and YouTuber as AnimeVivi)Jeff Ball

Molly Rogers (Andrea Bocelli, Journey, Pentatonix, X Ambassadors, X Japan)

Isaac Schutz (He’d really like it if the games he’d worked on would come out already so he can talk about them.)

Cello:Andrew Dunn (Cellist and session musician at Nashville Music Scoring)

David Tangney (Sound Designer, producer, and cellist for many games and acts)

Sage Etters (Professional cellist and music educator)

Upright Bass:Travis Kindred (Designer at Ubisoft and bassist for Steven Universe)

English Horn / Flute:Kristin Naigus (Woodwind soloist for Ori and the Will of the WispsMortal Kombat 11Minecraft, and more)

Trumpet / Flugelhorn:John Robert Matz

French Horn:Marc Papeghin (Composer and horn player with The Game Brass)

Jordan Moore (Multi-instrumentalist and YouTuber as Jordan Moore)

JohnStacy (G.A.N.G. award-winning horn player and composer, once scored a Zelda sppedrun)

Trombone:Daniel Romberger (Composer, arranger, and trombonist for The Game Brass.)

Danny Flam (Trumpet/trombone for Kanye West, Jay Z, Rick Ross, french hornist for The Game Brass)

Eric Ladish (Trombonist with the Game Brass)

Tuba: Alex Hill (Lord of the low end)
Celebrity guest dancers:

Toranosuke Hayashi (Best dancer)
Sakura Hayashi (Also best dancer)
Chloe “The Fluffy One” Hayashi (Good girl)

Original Composition by Yuki Hayashi

Might+U (James Landino Remix):James Landino (Game/anime composer and DJ on RWBYTower of GodNo Straight RoadsCytus II and more)

Album Art:Crowkidart ( Mason Lieberman Mason Lieberman is a senior game audio coordinator for Tencent, the largest videogame company in the world. In this position, he has the indescribable honor of working with many of the best audio professionals in the industry on a daily basis. Having started his professional journey as a full-time freelancer, he is most known for his work composing on anime series like Rooster Teeth’s RWBY and Beyblade Burst Evolution, amongst many others. In 2019, he partnered with Asia Pacific government officials as an international ambassador to Australia representing the videogame music industry. As a cellist, guitarist, and vocalist, Mason has had the great pleasure of working with a wide variety of film and gaming franchises, with personal favorites including The Rising of the Shield Hero, Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. franchise, Riot Games’ League of Legends, AMC’s The Walking DeadMade in AbyssWarhammer: VermintideHell’s Kitchen, and God Eater

 Learn more: https://www.masonlieberman.comFollow Mason Lieberman on TwitterFacebook, and YouTube

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