Pokémon Masters Splashes into Summer with Themed Trainer Outfits and Story Event

Pokémon Masters Splashes into Summer with Themed Trainer Outfits and Story Event

Content update also introduces gameplay updates and improvements

TOKYO—July 31, 2020— DeNA Co., Ltd., in partnership with The Pokémon Company, has announced various Summer-themed content updates for Pokémon Masters. Players will be able to add Summer versions of Steven & Alolan Sandslash and Lyra & Jigglypuff to their teams via the sync pair spotlight scout, available now until August 16 at 10:59PM Pacific time. The sync pair of Steven & Alolan Sandslash can unleash Ice-type attacks like Icicle Spear and Icicle Crash, while Lyra & Jigglypuff can deploy Fairy-type moves like Dazzling Gleam, which damages all opponents at once.

Two new trailers highlighting these characters can be found here on the official Pokémon Masters YouTube channel: Steven & Alolan Sandslash (https://youtu.be/hoeWFsblqq8), Lyra & Jigglypuff (https://youtu.be/RuHBlGXR9_0).

An in-game story event titled “Summer Superstars” is also available now until August 16 at 10:59PM Pacific time for players who have completed Chapter 1 of the Main Story. This event follows the Sync Pair Music Festival, a contest held on the island of Pasio to determine which sync pair has the best musical act.

Lyra & Jigglypuff (Sync Move)

DeNA also announced that the following content updates are now available in Pokémon Masters:

  • All Sync Pair Moves Unlocked: All sync pairs will now have their moves and passive skills unlocked from the moment they are obtained, providing players with more strategic gameplay options from the outset. All sync pairs will also have their initial level caps increased to Level 100, allowing players to focus on other attributes when training sync pairs.
  • Stamina System Introduced: A stamina function has been introduced to the game on a trial basis. A player’s stamina is depleted when playing certain battles, recovering over time. A number of other improvements have been made to the game to streamline the addition of the stamina stystem, including the use of skip tickets, allowing players to skip a battle while still obtaining its rewards, and the Player Rank system, where total stamina capacity will be commensurate with a player’s rank.
  • Bug-Type Egg Event: This event lets players earn Pokémon Eggs, which can be hatched into Bug-type Pokémon such as Scyther, Pinsir, Weedle, and Venonat. Rare shiny versions of Pinsir and Scyther can also be obtained. All Pokémon hatched from Eggs can be paired with the game’s Main Character to battle alongside one another. This event is available now until August 2 at 10:59PM Pacific time for players who have completed Chapter 1 of the Main Story.
  • Summer Superstars – Login Bonus: Players that log in to the game daily until August 16 at 10:59PM Pacific time will be able to receive up to 1,400 Gems.
  • Player Appreciation Gift – 3,000 Gems: A one-time gift of 3,000 Gems, stamina, and skip tickets will be provided to all players that log in to the game before August 11 at 10:59PM Pacific time.

Main Character & Scyther (Screenshot)

Players can check the in-game menus for more information. Note that in-game event dates are subject to change without notice.

Pokémon Masters is a real-time battling and strategy game for compatible Android and iOS devices that is free-to-start with in-app purchases. It can be downloaded at the links below:

The game is available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese. Fans can learn more about Pokémon Masters at https://pokemonmasters-game.com/en-US.

They can also stay tuned to the official social media channels on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram, as well as the official YouTube channel, for news about the game.

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