The long-awaited anticipation was finely over yesterday at 11 am. So far it was worth the wait.

My original plans were to do a team video with my daughter her but there was an error with multi-play, you can expect that because grounded is so new and hot off the press.

Right from the top, you’re given an introduction to be pleased with. I always appropriate a team that’s honest and transparent. As you can see in the picture below Publisher Xbox Game Studios Developer Obsidian Entertainment did just that.

This game is a work in progress. It may or may not change over time or release as a final product. Purchase only if you are comfortable with the current state of the unfinished game

It’s so cool that you have a choice of four caricatures each being unique in style and attitudes. The game play is fairly smooth and not difficult to play at all. I must say I love an easy to play a game, I never was a fan of challenging video games.

If you have a fear of creepy crawlers well here’s a safe setting for you below. I’m so amazed by the steps there taken to show they care LOL.

The world is a vast, beautiful, and dangerous place – especially when you have been shrunken to the size of an ant. Explore, build, and survive together in this cooperative survival-adventure. Can you thrive alongside the hordes of giant insects, fighting to survive the perils of the backyard? Join our community and help shape the future of Grounded in Xbox Game Preview. – Reactive World and Insect Life – Explore this immersive and persistent world, where the insect life reacts to your actions. – Base Building and Crafting – Shelter and tools are critical to your survival. Build epic bases to protect you and your stuff from the insects and the elements. Craft weapons, tools, and armor, allowing you to better fight, explore, and survive. – Online Co-op – You can face the backyard alone or together, online, with up to three friends – it is your choice. – Campaign – Uncover the secrets lurking in the shadows of Grounded as you freely explore the backyard and progress through its mysterious story.

You can get this game at a Microsoft store on your computer or Xbox its Included with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or with Xbox Game Pass for PC

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