Stellar Sisters Fight for a Bright Future in New Paladins Update

Stellar Sisters Fight for a Bright Future in New Paladins Update

Now live: Brand-new “Radiant Stars” Battle Pass with a dazzling total of thirty-two skins

On July 29, Paladins: Champions of the Realm launched its latest content update named after the brand-new Radiant Stars Battle Pass. Its ever-sparkling skins are showcased in this trailer:

Armed with both cosmic power and the strength of friendship, the Stellar Sisters unite and enter the Realm of Paladins as fabulous skins for four of the most popular Champions: Seris, Inara, Imani, and Io. For the first time, players can unlock 8 unique versions of each skin, for a total of 32 skins of pure unyielding resolve and vivid hues. Players receive these skins throughout the 120 levels of the new Radiant Stars Battle Pass. The Battle Pass also gives Crystals, Chests, and dozens of thematic cosmetics.

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The Radiant Stars update introduces the Bounty Store, a new way to get cosmetics for free. All players earn Bounty Coins by completing daily quests. The coins can be spent in the Bounty Store, where selected skins become available at fluctuating prices, creating plenty of opportunities for players to find great deals.

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