Tumblr’s  official 2020 Comic-Con@Home Events

Tumblr’s official 2020 Comic-Con@Home Events

These official 2020 San Diego Comic-Con Events are only on Tumblr


You read that right. Comic-Con International is moving its San Diego Comic-Con to a completely digital experience this year, starting July 22. A few things can only be seen over at @comicconathome on Tumblr. Get ready for these SDCC exclusives:

The Comic-Con Art Show? Yeah, that’s on Tumblr.

This is the first year you can browse the Comic-Con Art Show from the luxury of your couch. Starting July 22nd, @comicconathome will feature dozens of different artists.

The famous 46th annual Masquerade will be held Friday, 7/24.

On July 24th, @comicconathome will feature the biggest Masquerade to date. All winners will be announced 7/25 over on @fandom.

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The ease of access? Outstanding. The cosplayers and artists? Awe-inspiring. The Masquerade? Only at @comicconathome.

Go ahead and tap their “Follow” button. You don’t want to miss this.

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