BlackShot Upgrades With Operation Neo Chronos: Stage 5

BlackShot Upgrades With Operation Neo Chronos: Stage 5

New Callsigns, Character, Weapon skins and Classic maps are featured in this content update

Seoul – As popular online First-Person Shooter BlackShot crosses over into the second half of 2020, it is unleashing the fifth chapter of its Operation Neo Chronos content update, featuring even more crossover content from BlackShot M: Gear, including character, weapon and map updates, as well as an all-new Callsign system.

The new Callsigns allow players to display their own personalized calling card on their opponents’ kill screens, allowing skilled players to leave a lasting memory on their rivals upon defeating them. Callsigns can be customized using special Emblems, which are earned through various gameplay achievements. Operation Neo Chronos Part 5 includes a variety of badges to earn, with more to be added in future updates.

Joining the BlackShot ranks is Vanessa Neo, the future soldier variant of one of BlackShot’s most enduring characters. Augmented with advanced armor, Vanessa Neo can recover both her health and armor, and is much deadlier when armed with submachine guns.

Operation Neo Chronos Part 5 also includes a weapon and map update. Included in the new content are all-new urban-themed skins for the FW-14 rifle, FW-LS Sniper Rifle, KSG-15 and P90 Neo, along with the debilitating Neo Grenade Mk5. Additionally, classic BlackShot Team Deathmatch maps have been returned to the map pool, including Ryokan, Pipeline and Ice Cave.

2020 may be halfway over, but the rolling juggernaut that is BlackShot shows no sign of slowing down as it continues ramping up the action with more content, customization and chaos.

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Founded in 2006, Vertigo Games is a game development company specializing in deep and competitive online first-person shooter games. Vertigo Games’ first FPS title, BlackShot, is a military-concept, fast-paced, competitive FPS set in a capitalist future. Initially launched in Korea in 2008, BlackShot is now enjoyed by players in Singapore, Malaysia and 42 European regions.

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