Metro VR Studios’ Orion13 Now Supports Oculus, Vive, Index and WMR Headsets

Metro VR Studios’ Orion13 Now Supports Oculus, Vive, Index and WMR Headsets

New gameplay features and a cross-platform battle arena leaderboard accompany the full release of the sci-fi action-adventure game


oston, Mass. – June 29, 2020 – Metro VR Studios (MVRS), a Boston-based start-up and independent virtual reality (VR) video game development company, announced the full release of their inaugural title Orion13, expanding its support to the HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) and the Valve Index and Cosmos, in addition to Oculus Rift, RiftS and Quest headsets using QuestLink. The full release introduces numerous additional gameplay features to satisfy hardcore gamers, including improved hand tracking, augmented locomotion and movement, enhanced AI, turning and graphics mode optimizations, an improved Battle Arena with cross-platform Leaderboard and more.

The first installment of a planned trilogy, Orion13 is a futuristic VR sword fighting game that features intense first-person hack-and-slash combat, complex full-body challenges, and a cinematic story arc complete with a cast of friends and deadly foes. The story-driven adventure fully immerses players in a robot-ruled, dystopian world where they take on the role of the eponymous Orion13—a newly self-aware robot warrior who believes her memory implants are her own. She has just one mission: to find her way home.

Orion13’s virtual landscape is visually unique and interactive. Players battle an onslaught of robot enemies and bosses; decode panels and puzzles; navigate platforms; traverse deadly minefields; and more as they fight their way through a giant robot metropolis saturated in vivid color. Alongside the story mode gameplay, which features increasing difficultly and more skilled enemies, the arena mode provides players an opportunity to hone their combat skills and compete against other players’ scores on a global leaderboard that incorporates both Oculus and Steam users.

Orion13 is now available on Steam for $9.99 with a special promotion through July 9, or on the Oculus Store.

For more, visit the official Orion13 website or watch the gameplay trailer.

Metro VR Studios is an independent VR development company located in Boston, Mass., focused on developing high-quality, character-driven action & adventure games for virtual reality on the Oculus, Vive and PS4 platforms. MVRS is developing multiple VR game titles across genres with a goal of bringing a unique vision of VR gameplay to the rapidly evolving marketplace. For more information, please visit

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