Dr Disrespect breaks silence ! Offers firm handshakes to all his supporters

Dr Disrespect breaks silence ! Offers firm handshakes to all his supporters

Twitch Megastar Herschel Beahm IV know to his fans as Dr. Disrespect has finally responded to fans concerning ban from Twitch. Dr. Disrespect’s stream was listed as unavailable on 26 June 2020 Friday. A statement from Twitch was relayed by Shannon Liao a CNN Business Reporter.

Esports journalist Rod Breslau also known as “Slasher” has reported that the ban is permanent. Slasher also went on to report that Dr. Disrespects Twitch Subs have been refunded and that Dr. Disrespect’s Discord Sponsorship has been removed. Dr. Disrespect’s wife known as “mrsassassin” on Instagram showed love and support to his fans as well as support for him.

This is more than just a violation of Twitch’s terms of service due to discord and several sponsors of Dr. Disrespect removing him from their website. Despite this Mountain Dew Gaming fuel continues to have Dr. Disrespect on their twitter banner. Slasher spoke more in-depth about the situation live on Trainswreckstv Twitch (Link contains clip)

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Dr Disrespect Breaks Silence

Dr. Disrespect broke his silence Saturday night over Twitter. Dr. Disrespect claims that he has not been notified why he was banned from Twitch. He also offered firm handshakes to all for the support given to him. Several established stars in the gaming world have come out and said that they know why Dr. Disrespect was banned from twitter. The routine closing statement is that due to the severity of it. They can not publicly come out and say why Dr. Disrespect was banned. This has added to the confusion and suspense of this tragic situation.



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