Twitch Prime updates featuring Doom Eternal, Apex Legends and Fifa 20! For July 2020

Twitch Prime updates featuring Doom Eternal, Apex Legends and Fifa 20! For July 2020

July Free Games with Prime

Available July 1 – August 2

Looking for fun away from the sun, Twitch Prime has you covered! In July, Prime members can claim the following five games for FREE: retro first-person shooter Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, adventure game Dear Esther, hardcore racing game GRIP: Combat Racing, action-platformer KUNAI and RPG Dark Devotion.

Plus, don’t forget to grab the first seven titles in our summer-long SNK free games series: Art of Fighting 2, Blazing StarFatal Fury SpecialThe King of Fighters 2000The King of Fighters 2002Pulstar and Samurai Shodown II.

Feel the handmade might of the Cosplay Slayer with a new Master Collection in DOOM Eternal

AVAILABLE NOW Slay your enemies DIY style with the exclusive Cosplay Slayer skin, available now for DOOM Eternal. Those cardboard demons don’t stand a chance. Prime members can rule Hell’s exhibit halls with the Cosplay Slayer Master Collection, which includes an exclusive player skin, player animations, upgradeable podium, and more.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team
Now Available

Now through July 18, players can claim 5 rare gold player items, plus their choice of an 83+ OVR.

Words with Friends 2 

Coming July 6
Drop 6 of 6 

Make your friends “jelly” with the Be Jelly tile! Act fast–this offer is only available until July 20.

Yahtzee with Buddies

Coming July 9
Drop 1 of 9

Equip yourself with a new vanity dice for Yahtzee with Buddies, available exclusively for Twitch Prime members!

Apex Legends

Coming July 13

Grab a brand-new Pathfinder skin starting July 13.

Teamfight Tactics

Now Available

This month, unlock a new Little Legend in Teamfight Tactics.

Legends of Runeterra

Coming July 29
Drop 5 of 5

Fans of Legends of Runeterra, listen up! Beginning on July 29, unlock one champion, epic and rare wildcard, along with an expedition drop in this final loot drop for the game.

Minion Masters: Crystal Conquest

Now Available

Receive 3x High-mage Leiliel, 5x Leiliel’s Vortex, 20x Border Patrol, 5x Power Tokens and much more!


Coming July 14
Drop 4 of 4

Claim a free Umbral Chest in this latest drop for one of the most popular MMOs, Runescape.

Black Desert Mobile

Coming July 7
Drop 2 of 6

The third series of Black Desert Mobile loot for Prime members is underway. Grab an Armor and Weapon chest beginning July 7.

July 2020 Calendar 

Now Available  DOOM Eternal – Drop 3 of 4

Now Available  FIFA 20 – Drop 5 of 7

Now Available  World of Tanks – Drop 17 of 19

Now Available  Minion Masters – Drop 1 of 1

Now Available  Runescape – Drop 4 of 4

Now Available  Teamfight Tactics – Drop 4 of 5

Now Available Grand Theft Auto Online – Up to $GTA 1,000,000 per month

Now Available Red Dead Online – 40% off purchase of a Stable Slot, Horse, Shotgun, & More

Now Available  Free Games with Prime – SNK Collection 1: Art of Fighting 2, Blazing Star, Fatal Fury Special, The King of Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2002, Pulstar and Samurai Shodown II 

July 1  Free Games with Prime: Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, Dear Esther, GRIP: Combat Racing, KUNAI and Dark Devotion

July 3  Mafia City  – Drop 8 of 8

July 6  Words With Friends 2 – Drop 6 of 6

July 7  Black Desert Mobile – Drop 2 of 6

July 7  The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross – Drop 6 of 7

July 9 Yahtzee with Buddies – Drop 1 of 9

July 13  Apex Legends – Drop 7 of 12

July 13  Big Farm – Drop 3 of 12

July 14  RuneScape – Drop 4 of 4

July 29  Legends of Runeterra – Drop 5 of 5

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