Tower of Time now available to pre-order on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

Tower of Time now available to pre-order on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

Pre-orders get 20% discount on Event Horizon’s action-RPG,
which launches next week on console

19 June, 2020 – Indie publisher Digerati is happy to announce that pre-orders for Tower of Time, the innovative action-RPG from developer Event Horizon, are now live for Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Anyone pre-ordering will get a 20% launch discount. Tower of Time is scheduled to release next week as follows: 23/24 June on PS4 (NA/EU respectively), 25 June on Nintendo Switch, and 26 June on Xbox One.

Tower of Time is available to pre-order now from:

Nintendo eShop:
Xbox Store:


Tower of Time is a sprawling 50+ hour adventure featuring gorgeous hand-crafted environments, story-rich dungeon crawling, flexible character development, and a unique Arrow-Time combat system that lets players pause or slow down time, allowing for unprecedented tactical depth.

The PC version has been praised by critics. Rock Paper Shotgun hailed it as “a huge, deeply developed, beautifully crafted RPG,” while God Is A Geek called it “an astounding first title that gives fans of the CRPG genre something different to sink their teeth into.” 

About The Game
Lead the ultimate party of heroes into the Tower of Time, a vertical battleground filled with lore, mystery, and combat. Combining the nuances of classic RPGs with challenging tactical combat, Tower of Time transforms each battle into a puzzle of magic and mettle. Slow or pause time to plan your every move: strategically place your warriors, control the battleground with precise spells, counter incoming waves with devastating maneuvers.

Key Features

  • 7 distinct classes, a complex skill system, rich equipment and alignment systems, crafting, enchanting and more
  • Divide the battlefield with walls of stone, manipulate gravity, unleash torrents of flame, and more with myriad spells
  • 150 different enemies and 50 bosses, each with unique skills and tactics
  • Hand-crafted levels, unique Combat Challenges, multiple modifiers and five difficulty levels
  • Gamepad friendly control scheme implemented for console players

About Digerati
As a publisher, Digerati is dedicated to helping independent developers bring their creations to market and into the hands of gamers. We take care of funding, distribution, marketing and production, leaving developers to focus on what they love – making incredible games and unique experiences.

About Event Horizon
Event Horizon Ltd. is an independent game studio, founded in 2016 and located in Poland. We have released our debut title Tower of Time and are now working on a new project. Our ambition is to create games that stand out from other titles through the quality of graphics, focus on an engaging and unique story, attention to detail, and few innovative solutions when it comes to game mechanics.

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