Biborg develops Detroit: Community Play, an exclusive Twitch extension for Quantic Dream

Biborg develops Detroit: Community Play, an exclusive Twitch extension for Quantic Dream

Biborg collaborates with Quantic Dream to develop Detroit: Community Play, a Twitch extension dedicated to the video game Detroit: Become Human

With this Twitch extension for streamers and their communities, Quantic Dream and Biborg have created a new way to experience the narrative game. They reinvent the gaming experience by allowing viewers to actively influence the story of Detroit: Become Human™.

The extension will be downloadable for free on June 18, 2020 on, when Detroit: Become Human™ be available on the Steam platform.

Paris, June 18th, 2020. Biborg, the creative agency dedicated to Gaming and Entertainment, is proud to announce its collaboration with Paris video game Studio Quantic Dream for the creation of Detroit: Community Play, the new interactive Twitch extension dedicated to the game Detroit: Become Human.

Successfully previewed on May 25th, during the live stream of the official Quantic Dream channel launch, this extension will be available on June 18th, 2020 as a free download on the website It is intended for all PC players on Steam and on the Epic Games Store.


During the livestream, Bryan Dechart, the award-winning actor who starred as Connor, and Amelia Rose Blaire showcased Detroit: Community Play by streaming “The Hostage,” the first chapter of the game. Biborg’s technology enabled viewers to answer a few questions, live, from the 150 multiple-response surveys created by Quantic Dream’s narrative team for the extension. Their responses then influenced the sequence in real time. With Detroit: Community Play, the public will now be able to participate fully in the narrative construction of the game, which has never been seen before for the narrative genre.

According to Bruno Luriot, CEO of Biborg“By designing the Twitch extension for Detroit: Become Human, we wanted to encourage streams of the game for its release on the Steam platform. With the title having enjoyed great success on Playstation 4 in 2018, we also wanted to offer these players a refreshed experience of playing on Twitch by bringing a collective dimension to this usually solo-player narrative genre.

To do this, we worked closely with Quantic Dream’s marketing, creative and technical teams and identified two main challenges: narrative and experiential, in order to determine the best times to solicit viewers’ opinions and technically to allow the game engine to communicate with the Twitch extension.

We are excited to collaborate with Quantic Dream on the Detroit: Community Play extension. Together we have demonstrated that this type of experience is not just reserved for multiplayer or competitive games, but that it can really enrich the solo and narrative gaming experiences.”

“Since Detroit: Become Human’s initial release in 2018, the game has been streamed for millions of viewers worldwide. We were inspired by the collaboration that happened both in living rooms and chat rooms around the decision-making process throughout the gameplay,” said Lisa Pendse, VP Marketing at Quantic Dream.

Working with Biborg enabled us to use technology to integrate this collaborative element directly into the game, for our fans on Twitch who have already streamed the game and for new streamers who want to experience the tension and rush from having your entire viewership play along with you.”

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Quantic Dream is a French video game studio that has gained international recognition for the quality of its games. Founded in 1997 in Paris by David Cage, the studio innovates both in the field of artistic and technical domains, to create original interactive experiences based on emotions. Quantic Dream is the inventor of the “Interactive Drama” format, which allows players to change the course of a story through multiple choices, and to face the consequences. FahrenheitTM (aka Indigo Prophecy in North America) is the first game released in this format (2005), followed by three blockbusters developed in partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment: Heavy Rain™ (2010) Beyond: Two Souls™ (2013) and Detroit: Become Human™ (2018). These video games, entirely designed and produced by Quantic Dream, have won more than 250 awards worldwide and have made a significant contribution to the evolution of storytelling in video games. Over the years, Quantic Dream has collaborated with world-renowned talents such as David Bowie, Hans Zimmer, Ellen Page, Willem Dafoe, Clancy Brown or Jesse Williams. The studio has developed exclusive technologies and original franchises since its creation with the support of millions of players worldwide. Since 2019, Quantic Dream is also a video game publisher.

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