Tesla Force Demo Available During Steam Game Festival

Tesla Force Demo Available During Steam Game Festival

Tampere, Finland, June 17th 2020 – multiplatform game developer and publisher 10tons releases Tesla Force demo in the Steam Game Festival. The demo will be available during the festival 16th – 22nd June. Tesla Force is a rogue-lite Lovecraftian top-down shooter with endless gameplay.

“We’ve never participated in the Steam Game Festival before so these are exciting times for us. We hope people will download the demo and wishlist the game on Steam. We’re also organizing a live stream with our small dev team tomorrow June 18th.”, lead developer Olli comments.

Tesla Force is built using 10tons Ltd. proprietary game engine technology and is primarily targeted at PCs and current & next-generation consoles. Details on other platforms will be announced at a later date.

Teaser Video


  • Endlessly replayable rogue-lite
  • Randomly generated levels
  • Wild array of devastating weapons
  • Intense top-down shooting action
  • Large selection of perks to customize your hero
  • Over a dozen unique abominations to destroy
  • Play as Tesla, Curie, Lovecraft or Shelley!


Steam page with demo:


Developers Defy the Elder Gods stream: https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/1149710/view/2413314342143872651


Game Website:


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