Road trip, baby! Dustborn, a narrative action-adventure game by Red Thread Games, comes to PC and consoles in 2021

Road trip, baby! Dustborn, a narrative action-adventure game by Red Thread Games, comes to PC and consoles in 2021

There’s no hope. Except for us.

Oslo, Norway, 15 June 2020 – Coming to PC, Xbox and PlayStation next year, Dustborn is a story-driven, road-tripping action-adventure about hope, friendship, love, robots — and the power of words. Red Thread Games, the award-winning studio behind Dreamfall Chapters and Draugen, announced Dustborn in a world premiere at the GamesRadar+ Future Games Show last weekend. If you missed it, don’t worry, here’s the trailer:


gameplay presentation:


Dustborn is a third-person, single-player, story-driven action-adventure. Set in a colourful and perilous post-infodemic world inspired by graphic novels, a band of friends must cross a divided continent, carrying a precious cargo from California to Nova Scotia.

You play Pax: ex-con, outcast, con-artist, and Anomal with superhuman powers fuelled by disinformation. Your job: to transport a mysterious cargo across a Divided States of America. But this is not a one-woman job. The fanatical Puritans are on your tail, the authoritarian Justice is in your way, and you’re four-months pregnant. Joined by a motley band of misfits with their own weird powers, you’ll overcome the challenges that stand in your way…through manipulation, subterfuge, and force.

The road trip starts in 2021 when Dustborn comes to PC, Xbox and PlayStation. In the meantime, pack your bags, wishlist on Steam and stay tuned to

Dustborn is co-funded by Creative Europe MEDIA, the Norwegian Film Institute, and Viken Filmsenter.

Key features:

  • YOU JUST CAN’T WITHOUT YOUR CREW: Recruit and manage a motley mob of outcasts and misfits with weird powers, compelling personal stories, and conflicting personalities, and manage your relationships through an expressive, branching dialogue system.
  • WIELD WEAPONISED WORDS: Words have power. Use weaponised words (fuelled by disinformation) in combat and conversations, to fight enemies, manipulate strangers, and motivate friends.
  • THE ROMANCE OF THE ROAD TRIP: On the road you’ll explore new places, take on unexpected assignments, recruit crew members and fight your pursuers. Travel undercover as a folk-punk-rock band, and keep up appearances by learning original songs around the campfire…before proving yourself in an epic Battle of the Bands!

About Red Thread Games
Red Thread was founded in 2012, with a mission to create games with soul for players who love stories. The studio is located in downtown Oslo, Norway.

In 2014, Red Thread released the first episode of Dreamfall Chapters: a third-person adventure game set in the twin worlds of science and magic, where your choices have real and lasting consequences. The five-part series concluded in 2016, and was followed by PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, and a ‘Final Cut’ re-release for Windows/Mac in 2017. In 2019, Red Thread released first-person adventure Draugen, which won Norwegian Game of the Year. The studio is currently working on Dustborn.

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