Playstation 5 console Revealed ! Here are the perks that come with PS5’s new Console

Playstation 5 console Revealed ! Here are the perks that come with PS5’s new Console

Sony’s Playstation Game Reveal not only revealed a Plethora of amazing games. They finally revealed the Playstation 5 Console. This console comes with a ton of amazing features. That has Sony fans talking and bragging that they will win the Console War.

Here is the Rundown

Dual Sense Wireles Controller

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Haptic Feedback – The PS5 controller will be able to communicate with the player through touch. Sony states ” a variety of powerful sensations you’ll feel when you play, such as the slow grittiness of driving a car through the mud.” this will enhance player immersion into the gameplay. Adaptive triggers will give that real-world feel with every shot, punch, or skill involved in gaming. The controller also comes with USB Port and Audio Jack.

Dual Sense
Charging Station

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Dual Charging station for your PS 5 Controllers. Looks like Sony is showing some love to its fans. The convenience of charging both of your wireless controllers at the same time. Very Nice Touch!


HD Camera

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Sony says that their HD Camera is 1080p for gamers that want to stream or record their Glorious Gaming Moments. I like this feature for gamers. Everyone wants to be a famous streamer.

Pulse 3D
Wireless headset

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Dual noise canceling Microphones and it matches your console nicely. This will also come with audio support. PS5 has its audio hardware processing unit known as the Tempest. 3D sound will be a fun experience for gamers.

Media remote
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If you are a netflix, Hulu, or use Prime Video. This feature is for you!  I have always felt that consoles can turn a regular tv into a smart tv.  No more worrying about your controller falling off the couch. This media remote is a welcomed addition to gamers trying to unwind.  It gets better,  it also comes with a built in microphone.  “Sony Play Prime Video”!

The Rundown

Playstation 5 fans have a lot to be excited about. Sony has spent an incredible amount of time putting this console together. The items were created to improve gameplay, entertainment, and overall fun. It remains to see what price comes with this package. Xbox has a lot of work to do because momentum is clearly in the PS5’s favor. I have high hopes for PS5 to be used as a VR system for gamers. With the extra processing power for sound immersion will be a breeze for developers. My concern is that all these features work well come launch day. anytime you try something new. You are bound to have some setbacks.


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