June Free Games with Prime ! Project Warlock, SNK Titles, Forsaken Remastered and so much more !

June Free Games with Prime ! Project Warlock, SNK Titles, Forsaken Remastered and so much more !

June Free Games with Prime

Available June 1

These five Free Games with Prime will start your summer on the right foot! Beginning Monday June 1, the following games are available to claim for all Prime members: psychological horror game Observer, cyberpunk shooter Forsaken Remastered, 2.5D arcade platformer Steel Rats, acclaimed survival adventure game The Flame in the Flood and retro FPS Project Warlock.


Gear Up With New Skins For Apex Legends

AVAILABLE NOW There’s still time to claim the Game Master skin for the new Season 5 Legend, Loba. Remember to pick up your skin by June 18!

COMING JUNE 16 And that’s not all …  starting June 16, Prime members can nab a new Gibraltar skin, the 7th drop in this series. Watch Twitch Prime’s Twitter for details!


Keep It Classy With The Mullet Slayer Master Collection in Doom Eternal

AVAILABLE NOW Looking to bring the party while you fight off hell’s armies? Look no further than the exclusive Mullet Slayer Master Collection now available for DOOM Eternal. In this second of three drops, Prime members can unlock the Mullet Slayer Skin with three color variants, along with three new character animations, an upgradable “The Den” podium, and one new profile icon and title.


Twitch Prime Serves Up Arcade Nostalgia All Summer Long With 20+ Free SNK Titles

AVAILABLE NOW Fans of classic arcade gaming, listen up! Twitch Prime and SNK are offering Prime members over 20 free games this summer from the iconic SNK library.

Prime members can now claim the first of three collections, containing 7 games: Art of Fighting 2, Blazing StarFatal Fury SpecialThe King of Fighters 2000The King of Fighters 2002Pulstar and Samurai Shodown II.


FIFA Ultimate Team
Now Available

Drop 4 of 7

Goallllll! The fourth Twitch Prime Pack for FIFA Ultimate Team is now available until June 18.

The pack unlocks 1x Player Pick of four 82 OVR or better players, 4x gold rare players and 1x loan Team of the Season player (7-games).


Words with Friends 2

Drop 3 of 6 (Now Available)
Drop 4 of 6 (June 8)
Drop 5 of 6 (June 22)

Twitch Prime is helping you secure your next W-I-N in Words with Friends 2 with THREE new loot drops available over the next month.

From now until June 8, Prime members can claim the third Words with Friends 2 drop, a Swap Plus Mystery. Additional drops include a Surprise Mystery Box (Drop 4) launching on June 8 and a Word Finder Mystery Box (Drop 5) available June 22!


Destiny 2

Now Available
Drop 5 of 10

June is full of Destiny 2 content. Grab a new Exotic Sparrow, Weapon, Exotic Weapon Ornament and a Legendary Ghost Shell all month long.


Rainbox Six Seige

Coming June 4
Drop 4 of 5

Grab another exclusive operator set this month with the Lesion Operator Skin, coming June 4.

unnamed (8)

Teamfight Tactics

Drop 3 (Now Available)
Drop 4 (June 20)

Permanently unlock one random Little Legend in the latest drops for Teamfight Tactics.

unnamed (9)

Legends of Runeterra

Coming June 29
Drop 4 of 5

There’s more Legends of Runeterra loot headed your way in June: Claim a new Twitch Prime including one Champion Wildcard, Epic Wildcard, Rare Wildcard, and Expedition Draft


Minion Masters: Crystal Conquest

Now Available

Receive 3x Lord-Sentinel Thelec (Legendary), 5x Guardian (Supreme), 5x Power Tokens and much more!


The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

Drop 3 of 7 (Now Available)
Drop 4 of 7 (June 9)
Drop 5 of 7 (June 23)

Three new loot drops are launching for the popular mobile RPG The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross. Each drop becomes available 2 weeks after you’ve claimed the last.

Drop 4, coming June 9, includes the SSR Treasure Chest x5, while Drop 5 launches June 23 and includes the Hero Enhance Potion x5.

TP_Mafia City_June2020

Mafia City

Drop 5 of 8 (Now Available)
Drop 6 of 8 (June 4)
Drop 7 of 8 (June 18)

Become the ultimate mafia leader with three special drops for Mafia City. Each drop includes 50 Gold, 10K Cargo x5, 10K Cash x5, 5 Minute Building Speed-Up x2, 5 Minute Training SpeedUp x2

unnamed (7)

June 2020 Calendar

Now Available SNK Free Games (Drop 1 of 3) – Art of Fighting 2, Blazing Star, Fatal Fury Special, The King of Fighters 2000, The King of Fighters 2002, Pulstar and Samurai Shodown II

Now Available DOOM Eternal – Drop 2 of 3

Now Available Apex Legends – Drop 6 of 12

Now Available FIFA Ultimate Team – Drop 4 of 7

Now Available Words with Friends 2 – Drop 3 of 6

Now Available Teamfight Tactics – Drop 3

Now Available Mafia City – Drop 5 of 8

Now Available The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross – Drop 3 of 7

June 1 Free Games with Prime – ObserverForsaken RemasteredSteel RatsThe Flame in the Flood and Project Warlock

June 4 Rainbow Six Siege – Drop 4 of 6

June 4 Mafia City – Drop 6 of 8

June 6 Mobile Legends Bang Bang – Drop 6

June 8 Words with Friends 2 – Drop 4 of 6

June 9 The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross – Drop 4 of 7

June 11 Apex Legends – Drop 7 of 12

June 16 Runescape – Drop 3 of 4

June 18 Mafia City – Drop 7 of 8

June 22 Words with Friends 2 – Drop 5 of 6

June 23 The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross – Drop 5 of 7

June 24 Teamfight Tactics – Drop 4

June 29 Legends of Runeterra – Drop 4 of 5

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