Battle Mage Joins the Fight as the First Resistance Class in Fresh MapleStory M Content Update!

Battle Mage Joins the Fight as the First Resistance Class in Fresh MapleStory M Content Update!

Update Includes a New Expedition, New Gear Expansion, Archer Rebalance, and New Events to Celebrate the Arrival of the Battle Mage

The Battle Mage introduces a class that specializes in fast, close-range combat, easily overpowering foes with fiery attack spells and auras to help their party navigate dire straits. Armed with both offensive and defensive magic, the Battle Mage charges headfirst into danger, placing itself between teammates and the forces of darkness in the continuing quest to defeat the Black Wings.

This update delivers an array of new experiences and improvements alongside the introduction of the Battle Mage. Starting today, additional features will include:

  • New Expedition: As one of the four Root Abyss bosses, Von Bon attacks players with his staff as well as the magical orb he emits, summoning a crack in time which allows Von Bon to manipulate the duration of the battle.
  • New Gear: The six-level equipment ranking system today receives an even higher level above Mythic rank.
  • Archer Class Rebalance: Four of the archer classes will be rebalanced in an effort to stabilize gameplay including Mercedes, Wind Archer, Marksman and Bow Master.
  • Game Improvements: Players will be able to anvil unisex style into gender specific styles as well showing off their own personal flair. The Style Preset has also been updated allowing players to switch between styles whenever they want.

From now until June 6, players who log-in during the Battle Mage celebration event will claim a special gift box to help their character level up once per account. Additionally, until June 26, Maplers participating in the Battle Mage Growth Support event will receive additional items to help their character level-up. Lastly, the Battle Mage Mega Burning Event will allow Battle Mage characters to level up a total of 3 levels until reaching a certain level.

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