Amazon Gaming’s Hunter Spotlight! Crucible reveals 2 New Hunters Sazan and Rahi & Brother introduced (2.5)





One Woman Army pretty much says it all! Electro Knife, Shotgun and Inertia Gun.  There are countless reasons to Main Sazan As your alpha hunter.  When she says “I am always the last one standing” I don’t believe she is exaggerating !

Essence Upgrades (One per level)






When a Human and Robot work together anything is possible.  Rahi has a short ranged Laser Beam.  Converting damage into a shield or power up a Force  Punch sound like your game ?   Rahi and Brother might be the Alpha Hunter for you.  Brother is not just there for looks.  Brother is your advance party Scout to detect enemies.  Not only that but Rahi can teleport to where Brother is.  Rahi has a lot of special abilities.  I can see Rahi becoming a fan favorite quick in the gaming world of Crucible.

Essence Upgrades (One per level)

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