Now Live: Hearthstone Demon Hunter Prologue—Unlock the Demon Hunter for Free!

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Get prepared for the iconic Demon Hunter’s arrival in Hearthstone with the brand-new Demon Hunter prologue, available on all Hearthstone platforms today!

The prologue campaign—which is free for all players—is a set of four story-driven single-player missions that explores how Illidan Stormrage became a Demon Hunter. Learn about Illidan’s origin story from his perspective with the prologue, and get a first look at the Demon Hunter playstyle! Upon completing the campaign, players will get everything they need to play the Demon Hunter in Hearthstone:

  • Demon Hunter class unlock
  • Illidan Hero
  • 30 free cards
    • 10 Demon Hunter Basic cards
    • 20-card Demon Hunter Initiate set
  • Demon Hunter starting decklist—as long as players have an open deck slot!

The Demon Hunter will officially unlock on April 7 for players who complete the prologue campaign, on the same day Hearthstone’s newest expansion Ashes of Outland goes live! For more information about the Demon Hunter and prologue campaign, visit:

Lastly, the new system for Ranked Play is here for the April 2020 Ranked Season! To learn more about the revamped Ranked Mode, including end-of-season rewards, visit:

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