Hero 32 ECHO Background update!

Hero 32 ECHO Background update!


Backstory (Echo’s Overwatch Bio )

From the Republic of Singapore Dr. Mina Liao was an expert on robotics with AI intelligence.   She was a lead expert that helped create the omnics robot race as an employee of Ominic Corporation.  As the battle between man vs omnic grew she felt a sense of guilt for her part in the Omnics creation.  Team overwatch reached out to her due to her experience creating the omnic.  Dr Liao’s intel on how the robots work, their strengths and their weakness.  Would be priceless in the war against Omnics.   As leading expert of robotics for Overwatch.  Dr Liao upheld her conviction that artificial life would be for the betterment of humanity.  as she created her secret project named “Echo”.  This project gave her robot adaptive learning personality.  high level of Artificial intelligence was needed in order for it to adapt by observing.  DR Liao gave it a high level of AI.  Echo began to learn from the Overwatch members around her.  The Robot could play different roles to fill for whatever a strike team might need. Dr Liao was tragically killed in an attack, but her Echo project moved on until….  Due to fear of the Omnics and its ability to learn.   Echo was quarantined as the United States took contol of her.  Jesse McCree was friends with DR Lia and often times assigned to guard her.  This is further reinforced by the Overwatch “Reunion” Cinematic..


In closing, after viewing this “Reunion” and Echo’s intro video.  I feel this is a hint given by blizzard.  It might be possible that Mcree damaged his arm during the attack that kill Dr Liao.  while I am speculating, I also had concerns after reading Echo’s Overwatch.   Without Dr. Liao’s guidance could Echo possibly betray Overwatch?  Are we all being set up to love a character that will ultimately turn on us?  Overwatch 2 should give us more info on the lore of Overwatch.

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I will be watching Echo closely for I feel that she could be the next Arthas or Sarah Kerrigan?  Echo has a scary resemblance to Sonny from Will Smith’s movie ” I Robot”.  At the end of  I Robot, Sonny appears to be the new leader for his robot race.  This is something gamers should clearly watch out for before getting to attached.  We may have given the Omnics their Hive Queen to lead them.

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Echo’s Abilities

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