Great games of 2019

As 2019 pass I would like to give knowlage to a short list of games you may enjoyed that were prodced in this very year.

Resident Evil 2: Remake

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Developer: Capcom
Format: PC, PS4, Xbox One

What is it? A refreshed and reimagined modern-day remake of the original Resident Evil 2.

Why should you play it? Remaking the original Resident Evil 2 was a huge risk and one that Capcom exceeded all expectations on – delivering a horror game every bit as important and influential as the original. Gone are the tank controls, static camera and cardboard dialogue and in their place is a high budget, contemporary third-person horror survival shooter with a surprisingly stern and glistening sheen of gore. It plays like something modern, from gameplay to guts, but somehow feels like classic Resi thanks to its bizarre puzzles and confidence to keep you crisscrossing its lofty police station halls for most of the game, never quite sure where the next undead threat is going to crawl from. Resident Evil 7 might have reversed the series fortunes and restated its relevance, but Resident Evil 2: Remake sealed the rotting deal.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

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Developer: Respawn Entertainment
Format: PC, PS4, Xbox One

What is it? A demanding action game that grabbed the best bits of gaming’s recent history and turned them into an endearing Star Wars adventure.

Why should you play it? Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is the closest EA has come to capturing what makes Star Wars so grin-inducingly special. Like the film series before it, Jedi: Fallen Order takes influences from all over the shop — a bit of From Software’s combat, a pinch of Uncharted’s platforming set-pieces — and mashes them together to create a game that belongs in Lucas’ universe, rather than just mirroring it. It’s in the moments where you feel like you’re a space samurai capable of slicing through your foes with ferocious grace, as well as the little slices of lore you discover when you explore the dense planets that make up your journey across the galaxy. There are undeniable rough edges, but they don’t detract from what is the best Star Wars game in years.

Apex Legends

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Developer: Respawn
Format: PC, PS4, Xbox One

What is it? A battle royale with clever features that were quickly snatched up by its predecessors, complete with an engaging cast of characters and great seasonal events

Why should you play it? Apex Legends shocked us all when it took the battle royale format and improved it, dropping us into a massive shootout with the ability to ping items for our squadmates and request items as needed without having to build a dang house around us. Drop in to play a battle royale that doesn’t have a gimmick, but doesn’t claim to be realistic, and you’ll quickly discover how easy it is to get embedded in the arena for hours. Apex Legends is consistently adding new characters, mixing in limited-time events, and gently adjusting the game as needed. With character-specific abilities, mechanics that are fluid but not floaty, and guns that feel as good as they look, Apex Legends was a surprise launch that’s had a big impact.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

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Developer: Infinity Ward
Format: PC, PS4, Xbox One

What is it? A reboot of the 15-year-old franchise that’s more complex and morally gray than its forerunners, powered by a brand-new engine that churns out breathtaking graphics

Why should you play it? This frenetic shooter pulls back from the massive military set pieces synonymous with its namesake in favor of tighter, occasionally claustrophobic campaign missions. These missions make you feel the weight and consequences of war far better than other Call of Duty games have, even if it occasionally teeters on the precipice of torture porn. It’s the most beautiful game in the series by a landslide, with mo-cap that barely dips a toe in the uncanny valley and set pieces that are truly jaw-dropping. Play the eight-hour campaign on the edge of your seat before firing up the multiplayer search for several rounds of the best version of it yet – with top notch gunplay and myriad game types that suit whatever mood you may be in at the moment (fancy a massive Ground War, perhaps?)

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Developer: Nintendo
Formats: Nintendo Switch

What is it? An adorable Switch remake of the much-loved classic Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening that originally released on the GameBoy back in 1993

Why should you play it? Originally released in 1993 on the Gameboy – and later re-released on the GameBoy Color in 1998 with the DX version – Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening made its way to the Switch in a delightful new art style oozing with charm. Stepping away from Hyrule, Link washes ashore on the wonderfully weird Koholint island, which is inhabited by all kinds of colorful characters and creatures. A wise owl tells Link that the only way to leave this strange island is by setting out to wake up the Wind Fish. Complete with talking animals and plenty of dungeons decked out with all manner of traps and tricks, the remake breathes new life into the classic by introducing noteworthy new features, such as a mode that lets you create your very own dungeons.

Gears 5

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Developer: The Coalition
Format: Xbox One, PC

What is it? The Gears game you’ve grown to love, remixed to add open-world elements and an upgrade system

Why should you play it? Gears has always been fun, and Gears 5 takes a great formula and improves upon it, adding side-quests, open-world mechanics, and an upgrade system that makes the series’ penchant for collectible-hunting finally seem worthwhile. It’s everything you’ve ever loved in Gears, but with shiny new additions that remind you why you liked the old rusty bits. The campaign has plenty of moments that feel familiar and an entire middle section that’s nothing you’ve ever seen before in a Gears game (there’s a skiff, and some wild lightning storms), and a multiplayer that’s been streamlined to feel just as heavy-hitting as before, without the clunkiness. Grab it because you know Gears, love it because it’s ever-so-different

The Division 2

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Developer: Massive Entertainment, Ubisoft Reflections
Format: PS4, Xbox One, PC

What is it? A sequel to the first Division game that builds on everything it did well, with tough multiplayer raids, a live, active Washington D.C., and captivating missions.

Why should you play it? If the idea of a Destiny-like game that’s much more realistic is appealing to you, The Division 2 is that title. Set in Washington D.C. years after the outbreak that eliminated so much of the population in the first game, you have to fight back against multiple factions and regain control of the capital city. There are countless play styles and gadgets available to utilize, with immensely satisfying gun play and unique weapons available everywhere you look. There’s also plenty of side content to tackle, including a series of mysterious riddles to solve and bosses to kill, along with a number of PvP areas called the Dark Zone where you can hunt down other players for their new loot. What are you waiting for, Agent?

Borderlands 3

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Developer: Gearbox Software
Format: PS4, Xbox One, PC

What is it? The original looter shooter returns with the third mainline instalment in Gearbox’s FPS series, now with more planets, enemies, and (yes) guns.

There are games that cater to fan expectations, and then there’s Borderlands 3. Gearbox’s long-anticipated looter shooter sequel delivers on everything you could hope for from a Borderlands game, and then some, bearing all the series hallmarks alongside new features that only furthers the game’s strengths as an RPG-FPS hybrid. Gearbox has already proven itself a skilled player in the art of live service gaming too, delivering frequent updates that pay attention to ongoing concerns alongside reams of free content that keeps players coming back for more. A handsome addition to 2019 indeed.

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