Should James Dolan sell the Knicks?

Should James Dolan sell the Knicks?

New York Knicks fans have cursed James Dolan after years of misery. After missing on major NBA free agents in 2019 and embarrassing the team, many want him to sell the team. Dolan is rumored to be looking for a buyer for the most valuable franchise in the United States. The Knicks are worth $4 billion and he would be a fool not to cash in on them. However, the Knicks are a valuable asset that will only become more valuable over time. What will he do?


The New York Knicks have one of the most loyal fanbases in all of the country. They deserve an owner that cares for the team as much as they do. The only thing James Dolan cares about is money.

Every decision Dolan makes is motivated by whatever will make the team more valuable. All of his personnel decisions, however, have yielded little to no sustained success. Since the beginning of the century, Dolan has only guided the team to four winning seasons. He’s made New York City, one of the most flocked-to cities in the world, an undesirable destination for the best players with stories of his incompetence. And when he’s not running the Knicks into the ground, he’s constantly bickering with fans and even getting into a confrontation with former players.


Dolan accomplished his goal of making the Knicks more valuable with the team posting a cool $3.6 billion valuation. He should sell the team and give fans some relief.

When you have a valuable asset that’s only trending up, the last thing you should do is sell it. Dolan possesses the most valuable franchise in the NBA and there is no way he would let that go.

The New York native is a businessman. Do you think a couple of disgruntled fans are going to knock him off of the Knicks gravy train? As long as the team continues to rake in the cash, there is no way Dolan let’s go of this team.

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