Nintendo Switch Lite: A Cheaper Alternative

Nintendo Switch Lite: A Cheaper Alternative

Fans of Nintendo are familiar with cheap alternatives to the initial releases of a system, that being the 3DS and the 2DS. They had their differences but essentially served the same purpose with slight limitations with the 2DS. A similar route seems to be the case with the new Nintendo Switch Lite, only there are a few more differences that are more major than simple 3D capabilities. 

Firstly, what is the Nintendo Switch Lite? The Nintendo Switch Lite is a cheaper alternative to the Nintendo Switch. Both consoles are the same, but the Lite is specialized for handheld mode only. Fans wanting to buy a switch but were on a budget also have the ability to afford this cheaper option. Whereas the Nintendo Switch is set for $299.99 the Nintendo Switch Lite is a hundred dollars cheaper at $199.99 making it more affordable. 

The Nintendo Switch Lite also comes in three colors that pop out compared to the Switch’s simple black. It comes in yellow, turquoise, and grey. There will also be a special Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield edition featuring the legendary Pokemon Zacien and Zamazenta on the back of the console as well as blue and red controls to match. 

Price and physical appearance out of the way, what are the specs? The Nintendo Switch Lite is specifically for handheld mode and this is shown in the core of its design. Firstly, the most notable thing about it is the lack of Joy-Cons. The Joy-Cons are built into the switch and cannot be removed. It is all one device, meaning it is not compatible with TV-mode or tabletop mode, and the direction buttons on the left were removed and replaced with a plus control pad. Because of this, there is also no HD rumble or IR motion camera. The lack of Joy-Cons serves a purpose other than simple handheld though. This allows the switch to be more compact and lightweight which makes its portability much easier.

Although it isn’t compatible with a few games that require TV and tabletop, there is still a large library to play as a majority of switch games can be played handheld so consumers won’t miss out on most games that are available and will be coming out. All in all, the Nintendo Switch Lite seems to be a step forward for gamers on a budget and a cheaper alternative for parents who want to get their kids a switch they can take with them and not have to worry about losing the Joy-Cons. 

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