10 SA Based Indie Wrestlers You Have To Check Out!

10 SA Based Indie Wrestlers You Have To Check Out!

By Chris Manley

1. Thunder Rosa

photo courtesy of Mel Cervantes 
Thunder Rosa has the wrestling world in the palm of her hand. She has the in-ring ability and charisma to be a huge tv star. Her ceiling is AEW or NXT or beyond. She’s that good…. But as we hear from wrestlers like Joey Ryan and Jon Moxley staying independent these days can be more lucrative financially while having a lighter schedule and be more creatively fulfilling so staying where she’s at may be her best bet. She’s already on the national radar for her exciting matches in some of the biggest promotions in North America. She recently had a match on WOW on AxsTv (a fun, campy and addicting new show by the original creator of GLOW) and on ROH on KABB TV as part of the stellar tag team Twisted Sisters with her partner Hollidead. She’s also on Nacion Lucha Libre (Alberto El Patron  and Chavo’s new promotion) in Mexico on Imagen Television. She and her husband are part of a group that’s starting a new promotion of their own, Mission Pro Wrestling, who’s first show “Genesis” debuts Oct 18 in Buda, Tx. 
You can find her schedule at https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=109246446164971&ref=content_filter
2. Brysin Scott

photo courtesy of Brysin Scott
Brysin Scott recently made national headlines in the dirt sheets when he was attacked by Jason David Frank aka Tommy the Green Power Ranger in LWA. He’s also blowing up as part of the faction Valhalla Club with Eddie Scott and Jan Ohrstrom. Their recently released documentary tells the story of how the three former Iraq War combat veterans use pro wrestling to deal with their PTSD. The film is really well done and the subject matter is so important. The documentary is available to watch on Amazon. Valhalla Club was also the subject of an episode of Comedy Central’s Klepper which I can only describe as magical. It’s available to watch for free in a link below. It’s both funny and shows a ton of heart. You gotta check out Scott not just for his awesome in ring skills but also for his bravery both overseas and to speak up about the after effects of serving in war.
3. Terrale Tempo 

photo courtesy of Terrale Tempo
Everywhere Tempo goes he connects with audiences as a fan favorite. He’s a guy who can do it all in the ring and on the mic he comes off as authentic and genuine. He recently had a fun match against indie darling Sami Callahan at Deep Impact, a co-branded event with Impact and Booker T’s ROW. He also hit several home runs in Inspire Pro Wrestling as part of the faction “New Movement” with Keith Lee, Delilah Doom and comedian Chris Trew before they split. He had killer matches with AEW’s MJF and ACH there as well.  
You can find upcoming events for Tempo at https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005668650312&ref=content_filter
4. Jazz, Rodney Mack and Jakus Pliskin of Perfect Enemy 

photo courtesy of Rodney Begnaud
Local faction, Perfect Enemy, features some extremely heavy hitters. Jazz is a two time WWE Women’s champion. She also held the NWA women’s championship for over two and a half years. She and her husband, former WWE powerhouse Rodney Mack, were a big part of the success of ECW. Adding the monstrous Jakus Pliskin to the mix makes this team feel extremely dangerous. Both Mack and Jazz are lending their expertise to the next generation of wrestlers as trainers at Hybrid School of Wrestling but you can see them often at Heavy Metal Wrestling and they recently made their RCW debut in July. 
You can find more info on what they’re up to with Hybrid here https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1464490850530839&ref=content_filter
5. “The King” Rob Love 

photo courtesy of Rob Love
If we were to give out yearbook superlatives to local wrestlers “The King” Rob Love would win “Best Use Of A Gimmick” in a landslide. He plays his majestic royal character with cartoonish glee. He reminds me of Prince Humperdinck from The Princess Bride. His level of commitment to character is rarely seen outside the theatre let alone in ring. He connects with fans not only with his pompous arrogance but with his “pinkies up” hand gesture which is delightfully inventive. In 2018 Love competed in a tag match on NXT as Rob Grand against The Mighty. Check him out in ring and you too will become a loyal subject of the king. 
You can check out his schedule here:
6. Scotty Santiago aka Great Scott

photo courtesy of Roland Duran
Again if we were to give out yearbook superlatives to local wrestlers Santiago would be “Best On The Mic”.  Scotty is a great in ring competitor but really stands out as a star on the microphone. He’s got the wit of a comedian and when it comes to charisma he’s got it in spades. As the current HMW Bexar Knuckles Champion he’ll be competing in a HMW and Inspire Pro co-branded event “Texas Death Match Massacre Tournament” Aug 10th. It’s been determined that each round of the tourney Scott will have to defend his title. Can he walk out retaining or will the odds be too much to overcome? You’ll have to go to find out. For info on Texas Death Match Massacre go to https://heavymetalwrestling.com/?fbclid=IwAR31xwrqnZueJQT2xoJZAoyQtF5mrPJY5tniJTX2_zv89CvuwWM5xR9dGjw
For Great Scott’s schedule check out https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005364183980&ref=content_filter
7. Aaron Mercer 

photo courtesy of Roland Duran
Mercer is a high ceiling prospect. He started wrestling only one year ago and has hit the ground running. “The Throwback” has quickly garnered attention for his submission grappling techniques. Bringing a British strong style feel to South Texas Mercer makes audiences wince in pain as he viciously bends the fingers of his opponents. He best compares to Zac Sabre Jr.. He fights with a sense of urgency that makes for exciting matches.  You can find his schedule at:
8. Simply Luscious 

photo courtesy of Simply Luscious 
If you were to write a book about the history of Pro Wrestling in San Antonio you’d have to dedicate a chapter to Simply Luscious. As the only female graduate of The Shawn Micheals Wrestling Academy Luscious trained amongst the best of the best and put her stellar skills to good use. A former TNA and ROH performer Luscious has worked with the biggest names in the industry. If you were a fan of TNA in the early days you’ll remember her as Nurse Veronica. You can see her in SA next at Galactic Professional Wrestling’s 4th Annual Back To School Back Pack Giveaway Aug 11th 7pm
9. Richie Garcia 

photo courtesy of Richie Garcia 
This former tag team specialist recently set out on his own and has quickly found success winning BOW’s Cruiserweight Championship. With a penchant for inflicting pain Garcia’s matches are fun because of his style. He’s a bruising brawler who punishes his opponents with stiff strikes like Pete Dunne or Kenta. He has a “take no shit” attitude and a strong jaw.
You can find his schedule at https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1451223670&ref=content_filter
10.  Rey Ortiz

photo courtesy of Rey Ortiz 

Ortiz is aptly named “The Suplex Killing Machine”. That’s what this guy does. He’s a terminator who kills you with suplexes and body slams. In terms of character, versatility is a big strength for him. As a heel he’s a fun chicken shit. As a face he’s a destructive badass with old school grit. You can check out his schedule at

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