Origin The Big O

Origin The Big O

Origin’s 10th anniversary has come and they have created the Ultimate Gaming PC ever. We are happy to introduce their latest unit called The Big O. This is not your normal PC unit, not only are you able to game on a desktop but you are also able to game on Playstation, Xbox, and Switch platforms. That is right you did read right; this unit is an All-In-One Gaming Machine.  

A little about the unit itself, the PC comes with a custom RBG lighting Case to protect the model. The motherboard is an MSI Z390 with an Intel Core i9-9900K. The RAM is holding 64GB Corsair and can hold 14TB of storage. They have also included an Elgato Game Capture Card with 4K resolution and is operating Windows 10.  

As far as the gaming units that is built in the PC is a Xbox One X, Playstation 4 Pro, and a Nintendo Switch Dock with the Original charging dock installed. What does make this unit unique is that is does provide a custom hard line Liquid Cooling.  

For all those gamers out there, this is the Ultimate PC gaming computer that has come out to date. If you are thinking that you will be able to purchase this Beast of a System, you are mistaken. This system is meant to show what Origin can create and what they can bring to the table with their amazing team and their experience in current technology.  

Now if you want to check out more on The Big O check out their website for more information.  


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