“FROMTO Party Crash Demo” started on INDIEpendence Day

“FROMTO Party Crash Demo” started on INDIEpendence Day

July 3rd, 2019 – Everyone in the United States celebrated Independence Day yesterday. We joined them and made it a worldwide INDIEpendence Day with our FROMTO Party Crash Demo. The demo is available now for everyone on Steam – open end.

Fromto is a hilarious party sandbox racing game where up to four players build the levels together. Then they race on their self-made unthinkable crazy tracks to make it to the finish first. Fromto is true multiplayer party madness: grab some friends, start the game and have an unforgettable fun time!

Although some key features are (obviously) not included in this free demo version, it’s featuring its best parts. You can play online or offline with up to four players in two awesome levels. There is plenty of content and fun here, so make sure to get this little “INDIEPendence Day” present from Studio Eriksonand Headup now.
Get the Demo here!

Demo Features

  • Up to 4 players online/ local multiplayer
  • Super high replayability
  • Replay your gameplay
  • Fun to watch!
  • 4 cars to play around with
  • Full controller support
  • Some nifty secrets
  • Fresh art style partially made by young children
  • Unlock an iconic extra car, one extra level and additional cool track items
  • Amazing soundtrack

Fromto is mainly made for multiplayer madness, so tell your friends about this! For more information about the Demo please check out our Discord Channel or the Steam page updates.

So how does Fromto work?
After all players collected their vehicle of choice by foot in a short mini-game-like-lobby (see the yellow screenshot above), they will start the first phase in a quite wild, but pre-set level. All players try to first reach a checkpoint and then the finish line. But this probably won’t happen in the first attempt, it’s more for checking out the level.
                   1: Learn the track  |  2: Find crated or go shopping
After all players finished their try, the magic happens in the second phase: All the little cars turn into helicopters and you’re going to collect different, randomly dropped crates which contain new track parts to place in the pre-set level: This can be helpful things like new platforms, ramps and jump pads or hindering elements such as obstacles and traps for your opponents, or just fun things like a cannon that shoots small bubbles of glue.

In addition to those random pieces, there is a shop for every player where you can buy even more ‘helpful’ things with points earned by performing stunts. Overall, there are more than 50 different parts that can be placed. A time limit will stop your creativity after 60 seconds and the next round will start.
3: Add or remove elements  |  4: Reach the finish!             


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