As a PC user I am very excited into getting the next best thing to improve my daily computer lifestyle. For me it is more important to have quality items to improve my experience. Webcams, monitors, graphics cards, etc. But the most important component to any computer is, the keyboard.  

When it comes to keyboards there is a huge selection to choose from. Brands, appearance, comfortability, sound, feel. I have to have a good quality keyboard and with much searching I came across the Corsair K68. I have to say I absolutely feel in love.  

The K68 is a Mechanical Gaming Keyboard that actually looks and feels as a high-quality keyboard, the item is dust and spill resistant, typing sound is a medium volume, multicolor options with a click of a button, and also provides MX Mechanical Switch to provide a faster and accurate response. As a PC Gamer the Mx Switch was the deal breaker for me due to having to need a quicker reaction time when playing games.  

The product is very durable, has quick playback buttons for playing videos also has separate additional buttons for volume, and for when you leave the room you do have the capability to lock the keyboard, so that way no one would be able to mess with your settings if you were to walk away for a second. It is a wired keyboard so you wouldn’t be able to bring it on the go but it does come with an extension, so you would be able rest your wrists on, for those long typing or gaming days.  

Overall this product I would 100% recommend to anyone looking for a good quality keyboard. This keyboard would be the ideal keyboard to start with if you are looking into getting a PC. This product I can see having for the next 5 years without any issues. Price point for this item can range anywhere between $59-$129 depending on where your looking.  

If I were to rate the Corsair K68, I would rate this product at a 9 out of 10. This product is stamped with Spartaprimez Approval, for more information where to find this item, links will be down below.  




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