Spider-Man Far From Home Non Spoiler Review

Spider-Man Far From Home Non Spoiler Review

Spider-Man Far From Home is a wonderful film that is dramatic, fun and a spectacular way to close out Marvel’s Phase 3.   Spider-man has come down of the high of becoming a Hero.  The World needs someone to fill the void of Tony Stark’s (Robert Downy Jr) death.  This added weight has taken the enjoyment of a superheroes life from Peter Parker (Tom Holland).   A lot of the movie revolves around the falling of everyone’s favorite avenger Ironman.  This film does a great job of balancing the comedy and seriousness of the picture.  This movie could have been very depressing had they not successfully balanced the two.

Peter is torn between the responsibilities of filling Ironman’s shoes as well as living with the wants of an average teenage kid.  Despite having superhero powers.   Peter is growing up with the wants of an average teenage kid in High-School.  The person in Peters way of his teenage fun is Nick Fury (Samuel Jackson).   Nick Fury has a rocky relationship with Peter.  Nick Fury uses questionable means to motivate Spider-Man to his calling.  They definitely have a rocky relationship throughout the film.

The hero to come to Peter’s aid is none other than Quentin Beck (Jake Gyllenhaal) also known as Mysterio.  Mysterio truly lives up to the comparison of a Hero that is a cross between Thor and Ironman.  Mysterio appears to be willing to take on the mentor role left by Tony Stark.  The evolving relationship between the two is enjoyable.

Sony leveled up the Action from Homecoming to Far From Home.  If you wanted to see more action,  fights, and flips from Spider-Man this is the film for you.  Another spectacular standout was the films CGI and action scenes.  For the most part, there are some really over the top matrix meets Dr. Strange special effect moments.  The Action definitely has me looking forward to the third film in Spider-Man’s trilogy.  Go out see the Movie ! It may be the best Spider-Man Film to date!


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