It’s all about Xbox and PlayStation beating Amazon and Google 4

It’s all about Xbox and PlayStation beating Amazon and Google 4

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Microsoft and Sony want to keep platform control

Microsoft and Sony’s cloud partnership also opens up some questions around other game streaming competitors. EA has 1,000 employees working on Project Atlas, a cloud game streaming development platform. Like Google Stadia, EA’s project is cloud native and just as ambitious in its attempts to redefine the future of gaming. Nvidia also has its own GeForce Now streaming service, and Valve is turning Steam Link into a personal cloud service that streams games anywhere.

There are also smaller players like Shadow that use powerful PC hardware to let players stream games, and even carriers like Verizon are experimenting with cloud game streaming. Everyone seems to be pushing toward a future where games are streamed to devices. All of this competition will ultimately be good news for consumers, especially if game publishers are willing to transition to the cloud. It could mean consumers will end up having to choose between competing streaming services in very much the same way that they choose between Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Amazon Prime Video, and many more today.

Sony and Microsoft are both laying their own foundations for this upcoming battle. How these two gaming giants collaborate on the future of gaming will have a major impact on the streaming landscape in the months and years ahead. Neither company wants to risk having to turn over revenue on games to a competing cloud game store.

Microsoft and Sony are now signaling to the rest of the industry that they’re not willing to give up their current gaming dominance to newcomers like Amazon or Google, even if it means working with a longtime rival.


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