It’s all about Xbox and PlayStation beating Amazon and Google part 3

It’s all about Xbox and PlayStation beating Amazon and Google part 3

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Sony and Microsoft will likely align their cloud hardware for developers

It’s clear that Sony and Microsoft will attempt to align the hardware that powers each company’s cloud game streaming services onto a common platform. We’ve already started to see this happen in the console space with the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and the next-generation consoles due in 2020 are expected to be very similar from a hardware point of view. Aligning this hardware will make it far easier for game developers to target a common cloud platform and test game performance.

Google’s approach requires developers to create games for a Linux-based system and hardware. It’s a bigger ask, but one that developers could be willing to do given Google’s investments and YouTube leverage to get games in front of people.

Another part of the cloud gaming puzzle is Nintendo. Rumors have suggested that both Microsoft and Nintendo have been forming a closer relationship in recent months. We’ve seen this play out with Cuphead arriving on the Switch with Xbox Live support, and Microsoft’s ongoing work with Nintendo to promote cross-play gaming. Nintendo won’t want to miss any part of a cloud gaming future, and it will likely have to form some type of partnership with Microsoft, Amazon, or Google to help it power future services. Like Sony, Nintendo has a vast library of first-party titles but little experience running online services and infrastructure at scale.


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