Mini Mini Con: The Start of Convention Season

Mini Mini Con: The Start of Convention Season

With summer on its way the start of convention season has arrived here in Texas. With the largest anime convention in river city edging closer, San Japan teams up with Nine-Tails for their annual free to attend convention, Mini Mini Con. Mini Mini Con is the largest free anime convention in Texas and is held at Crossroads Mall. This convention aims to bring together anime fans from all over the state together to show off their love of anime and otaku culture. The convention itself is like a preview to the big event in September, San Japan.

This convention lasts for one day which is all it needs to advertise the future event. Crossroads mall acts as the perfect space for a convention of this size. With a food court, a main stage, and wide open walkways, the mall has plenty of space for vendors, panels, and performances. For anyone new to Crossroads, the convention acts as an excellent event to promote the stores the mall has to offer including Nine-Tails.

Aside from Nine-Tails, there were plenty of other vendors who set up their booths to present their handmade merchandise. From keychains to stickers, plushies and t-shirts, even handbags and candleholders made into kawaii styled glass jars, there was something for everyone to go home with!

If that wasn’t enough to empty your wallet, art vendors like Zara Stanley and Ally Schroy might do the trick! There were beautiful pieces of fanart everywhere you looked and the artists were kind enough to show off and sell prints of not only fanart but their own original works including comics they’ve created.

Vendors were not the only creators present. Like any other convention, Mini Mini Con had a plethora of cosplayers. There was a variety of cosplayers from different fandoms but also a mix of simple, handmade, and store bought costumes. No matter the budget cosplay of all kinds were welcome. Some were there for fun while others were there for the cosplay contest held at the mainstage. The cosplay contest wasn’t the only event though.

Mini Mini con was not without their special guests. This year we were visited by popular voice actor Erica Mendez and musical artist Crusher-P. Erica Mendez is an American voice actor known for her work as Ryuko Matoi (Kill La Kill), Sailor Uranus (Sailor Moon Crystal), Retsuko (Aggretsuko), and

many more as well as directing “I Want to Eat Your Pancreas”. As for Crusher-P, she is a musical artist and DJ known for her use of vocaloid. Her most famous songs include “ECHO”, and “Again”. They appeared at the convention for autographs, panels, and a special concert held by Crusher-P herself. Although the events were small compared to major conventions, there was no doubt how wildly popular they were with such a large following gathered for them.

Mini Mini Con itself has grown its own following over the years and it clearly shows from the efforts of everyone who participates to make this happen. If you’re new to anime conventions or are just looking for an event to share your passion for anime with like minded people, Mini Mini Con is the ideal event to attend. With its variety of vendors, unique venue, and welcoming community, Mini Mini Con is the goto convention to kick off the con season!

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