Dauntless Becomes First Game to Launch With Cross-Play

Dauntless Becomes First Game to Launch With Cross-Play

A little birdy told me that “Dauntless Becomes First Game to Launch with Xbox One Cross-Play” ok that little birdy was my friend and gaming nemesis Wes.

So, I investigated it and no doubt Dauntless launches a full cross-play and cross-progression on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC and is the first game to launch with this functionality for PS4.

Phoenix Labs’ free-to-play co-op action-RPG Dauntless’ promise of a “One Dauntless” for all players around the world to play together, no matter where they play, “that’s an incredible goal,” but one that was very important for the team in its mission to accomplish.

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“When we first started talking about ‘One Dauntless,’ we knew it was a truly audacious goal,” Jesse Houston, CEO and co-founder of Phoenix Labs said. “No one has ever launched on console with full cross-play support from the start, but we believed in our vision and, thankfully, our friends at Epic Games, Sony, and Microsoft did too. Keeping the community connected is one of our top priorities, and with all the new players coming in at launch, there’s never been a better time to be a Slayer in Dauntless.”

Thanks to Google and Amazon (that’s another story) Microsoft and Sony have teamed up and now we have Dauntless as the first cross-play to pave the way for other champions to come. Dauntless joins such games as Fortnite and Rocket League as those that support full cross-play across all platforms and, as mentioned previously, is the first one to support it at launch.

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In addition to its “One Dauntless” promise being fulfilled, Dauntless is also launching its newest Hunt Pass, the Hidden Blades Hunt Pass, which “transforms the world of Dauntless for the Moon Blossom Festival and offers players a huge variety of thematic gear to flaunt their inner assassin.”

Players will be able to “work through 50 levels of content across both the basic and Elite tracks, earning cosmetic rewards as well as premium currency along the way.”

Dauntless puts players in the role of a Slayer, who must defend the Shattered Isles from a growing Behemoth threat and forge newer and more powerful weapons and armor from the creatures they defeat to be ready for any challenge that heads their way.

Dauntless obviously takes some inspiration from the long-running Monster Hunter series, and Monster Hunter: World has helped Dauntless’ player base grow. They did a fantastic job of bringing new players into the action-hunting genre.”

First revealed during the 2016 Game Awards, Dauntless has been on PC since May of 2018 in Open Beta form and has received many major updates, including the brand-new character customization system that also launches today.

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