Fan Expo Dallas “Boy Meets World” Panel

Fan Expo Dallas “Boy Meets World” Panel

Have you ever wanted to meet some of your favorite childhood actors growing up? Or how about just being in the same room as them? Well I can finally say that I had a great opportunity to do that myself at their live panel. It was an absolute dream come true for me as I had grown up watching episodes of the television show and also of the newest series named Girl Meets World. Their long acting career, in my opinion, is legendary.


The 4 main protagonist of the series made their appearance at the Dallas Fan Expo this year, Ben Savage, Danielle Fishel, Will Friedle, and Rider Strong. Just in case if you do not know them by name it was, Cory, Topanga, Eric and Shawn. The experience was like a blast from the past. It was like they did not age a day from when the series had ended back in 2000. As this live interview had gone on you can tell that they were very humble and gracious for all the love and support that they have been receiving from their fandom.


Multiple fans were able to ask them questions in between them conversing. They were talking about on stage experiences, events that happened in between filming each episode, and even scary moments with obsessed fans. Danielle even spoke about an episode that they were filming from the original series where she had sprained her elbow a day before filming and the doctors stated that she would be fine filming as long as she kept her elbow still. Turned out docs called her after she filmed her wrestling scene and told her it was actually broken and she needed to come in asap. She was in shock, but stated it was moments like those that made every day interesting for her on the show.


As a whole, this experience for me and for so many in the crowd, was one of a kind and it is going to be very hard to forget it. They were so delightful and endearing with their responses towards the crowd and thankful them for being such great fans. By the end of it Ben Savage closed out the panel with explaining that they are truly grateful for the opportunity that they were given to work on a show that brought such a life changing experience that has given such happiness to everyone all over the world that they would never forget.

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