Deltronz “AVENGERS ENDGAME” Movie Experience (NON-SPOILERS)


I have to start off by saying, that this  movie really messed with my mind. By the end of it I was speechless, I left the theater in shock. Thank you Marvel and the Russo Brothers for giving us a powerful conclusion to a story 12 years in the making.
I remember when the first Marvel Cinematic Universe movie came out, Iron Man. It was a movie like no other. I was impressed how they introduced Tony Stark and his journey to becoming the legend himself. I would never thought that after 21 films that it would have turned out like this.
endgame 2
The emotions that come out of the film are so strong. I was able to make it out to the premiere with my wife and the theater was packed. All seats were taken, so much support for the film. The fan base for this fan has been astounding. There were so many times where people were getting up out of their seats cheering for their favorite hero, so many people crying when certain events were happening. The amount of good energy in the theater was overwhelming.
endgame 4
The movie starts off where it left off at in Infinity War. Thanos did exactly did what he said he was going to do and you can feel as if there was no hope for our hero’s. As the movie progresses there seems there might be a light at the end of tunnel. The trailers that you have seen does not even give you the smallest glimpse of what is to come.
endgame 3
As for the first generation of the MCU, this to me is considered a masterpiece in my eyes. From the start to finish, this movie was so well done, it kept me on my toes, so many twists and turns, and to many emotional moments to count. After 12 long years this has to be the perfect conclusion to the series. The Russo brothers has created something that only comes around once in a lifetime, I am just glad I have been able to witness this myself and excited for what is next to come for MCU and its next generation of hero’s

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