’s April Artist of the Month.  DINOBLIVION!’s April Artist of the Month. DINOBLIVION!

We here at Spartaprimez like to show appreciation to hard working individuals that love to put some light into the world. Today it is our honor to say that this month’s’s Artist of the month is Dinoblivion!
We have been watching Dino for a couple months now and his streams are ALWAYS entertaining. As an entertainer he is very dedicated to the work he puts into his stream sessions. His overall goal is to make his work into a career and become a full-time streamer. We believe his dream will become a reality.


Dino is accompanied by Alfie and April for each and every stream. Who are his companions? Alfie is a beautiful grey cat and April is his super cute Chinchilla. I am impressed that they are always involved in each stream. Alfie is always getting in front of the camera for a little loving’ and April is always waiting for her fans to request her next treat. Dino absolutely loves his pets and you can tell they are his family.
Dino loves to be involved in the gaming community and has 1,400 followers and growing. He always streams between 3-6 hours and there are even days where he will stream all night with you. He plays a variety of games. His dedication to his craft as a streamer is admirable. Time and time again he shows his appreciation toward his followers by gaming with them. he is extremely humble from all the support he has received from his fans. Followers can gain Dino Dollars in his stream which can redeemed for feeding April or doing pushups for his fans. Dino also has his own community emotes. you gain them when you subscribe to his channel.


Dino’s channel is filled with so many activities that you can take part in while he is live, from donations, bits, emotes, and even memes. If you want to see what is going on outside of his streaming life, he does have an Instagram that you can follow.

Overall Dino is a very talented individual. He brings a smile to everyone’s face with his quirky personality, jokes, and streaming ambitions. He likes to take requests on games even if it is a game he has never played before. He recently finished the Devil May Cry trilogy. He tries to stream throughout the week, but Saturdays are his days where he likes to get to know the community. If you’re lucky you will be able to play with Dino himself on some community games.


Dino, this is for all the work you put in day in and day out. We at appreciate your talks and laughs you have given everyone. Keep up the good work and don’t stop dreaming.

Congratulations to Dinoblivion’s Artist of the Month for the Month of April!

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From us to you CONGRATULATIONS! 


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