Alamo City Comic Con teams up with Marvel Studios to throw Easter “Endgame” Scavenger Hunt

Alamo City Comic Con teams up with Marvel Studios to throw Easter “Endgame” Scavenger Hunt

Alamo City Comic Con joined forces with Marvel studio to throw an Easter “Endgame” Scavenger Hunt.   The Block SA was covered with Easter eggs for all to enjoy.  This event featured amazing prizes for fans.  Urban Air Adventure Park, AT&T and “Assembled” to support the event.  Urban air adventure park had a prize wheel for giveaways. also supported by giving away free comics donated by Heroes and Fantasies.

Not only did the eggs contain amazing Easter Treats.  Some lucky scavenger hunters won an instant prize if their egg contained a red ticket. Infinity Stones were also involved in the Easter Egg Hunt.  If you assembled the Infinity stones, you were able to win a Grand Prize!  Some of the notable Grand Prize items were tickets for Avengers Endgame movie, a Spider-man game for the PS4, Miles Morales Funko Pop and much more.  District 8’s own Manny Pelaez hosted the event and kicked off the Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt.  Manny Pelaez took pictures with the grand prize winners as well as enjoyed the day with the people of District 8.


There were plenty of food truck vendors at “The Block SA”.  Each Truck had a Friday $5.00 special for the day. From start to finish at this event they had $5.00 specials that were out of this world.  From grilled cheese, fried dumplings, and  an incredible dish….  The Curb’s own Honey & roasted coconut sweet potato fries, yes, your heard it right and trust me they are absolutely delicious. Be sure to visit The Block SA on Tuesdays for their dollar Tacos and Dollar margarita specials.  Tuesdays will belong to the The Block SA !

The Block has been around for a very long time, they have provided an entertaining place for the community to enjoy.   Just to give you an Idea what The Block looks like, it has an outdoor Patio & Bar with a full-size Bar.  They also have GIANT Jenga and other outdoor games set-up. If you’re looking to have a different type of outdoor experience with food, drinks, and fun I would come by and check out what is going on at The Block SA.


Not forget about the Artist that attended this event. The artist that attended were showing off their craft by performing live art for everyone to see.  The artwork from the live painting was truly amazing to see.  LGDadArt and Paul Garson brought their wonderful artwork to The Block SA. Overall This event  truly was a success.  It’s good to see ACC give back to the fans by providing a fun family event.  Happy Easter to all and to All a Happy Easter !


A  Special Thank You to our Artist of the Event 



Amazing Artwork

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