Lonja Libre Fitness breaks barriers with Lucha Style Boot camp

Lonja Libre Fitness breaks barriers with Lucha Style Boot camp

I remember growing up watching wrestling, watching my favorite Wrestlers running on stage and getting ready for the main event match. Spending money on WrestleMania events and having get together with my friends. Wrestling to me, brought family, and friends together. But I always wondered what type of training they must go through.


I walked in and immediately felt the passion. They were the only warming up, getting ready for a tough workout. They started out with some stretching exercises that took about 15 to 20 mins. Anthony Leonidas Trevino is owner of Lonja Libre.  He was also Coaching and instructing today’s fitness session.


Anthony is a hard-working individual that does not know when to quit. He is a father, fitness trainer, and a Police Officer. His life has been filled with life changing obstacles.  Anthony has survived 2 strokes as well as a coma.  He has proven that you can overcome the odds with hard work and dedication.  Meeting him was a true honor for me.  His story has inspired me to push myself in my own life.  Anthony leaves a positive impression on the people he works out with.


There whole session took place inside of a wrestling ring which provided enough space for all the activities.  Anthony is a different kind of trainer compared to the ones I have witnessed. He is very communicative, provides feedback on how you’re doing, and gives the motivation that is needed to push yourself even farther.  I enjoyed that he provided information on which muscle group you are working out per exercise.


There the workout consists of bear crawls, jumping exercises and workouts that involve the wrestling ring itself. Teamwork is also involved in the workout process. It’s refreshing to see everyone is involved and not just individually doing their own thing.  This is a great team building session as well as a workout.

There whole workout lasted about 1 hour, and I can say it was an intense session. It made me want to jump in the ring and give it a go.   Everyone was drenched with sweat by the end of the session.  Main eventers were smiling and feeling good. If you’re looking for an active training regimen and an excellent trainer that is going to give you the motivation to make a change!   Then check out Lonja Libre.





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