Endeavor One, Inc., Debuts Latest VR Game “Dome of the Dead” on Vulcan’s Holodome

Endeavor One, Inc., Debuts Latest VR Game “Dome of the Dead” on Vulcan’s Holodome

New 4-Person Coopertive VR shooter from VR Pioneer, Endeavor One.

EATTLE, April 1, 2019 /PRNewswire/ – Endeavor One, Inc., founded by a small group of AAA game developers all with an avid interest in virtual reality, has just released its latest VR game experience, Dome of the Dead, on Vulcan Inc.’s Holodome platform.

News Facts:

  • Dome of the Dead is an intense 4-person cooperative shooter where you and your friends combat “The Infected.” Work together to survive the onslaught of voracious alien-zombie hybrids, escape the infested bayou, and reach one of humanity’s last strongholds.  Challenge your friends in competitive shared multiplayer using real-world weapon peripherals.
  • See Dome of the Dead at Seattle’s MoPop, launching today and continuing through until the end of April, 2019.
  • Dome of the Dead leverages Holodome technology to create exhilarating experiences in “Shared Immersive Reality.”
  • Endeavor One is currently working on projects for all major VR platforms.

Tom Doyle, Co-Founder of Endeavor One:  “Holodome technology goes far beyond games and entertainment alone. The possibilities for it to be used as a tool for education and enterprise are immense. Endeavor One was honored to be a part of bringing this amazing platform to life. ”

The Team:  
The Endeavor One team is a conglomerate of artists, designers and engineers that hail from Bungie, Warner Brothers, Sony, Microsoft, Valve and more. Its main team members are:

  • Tom Doyle– E1 Co-Founder:  AAA game industry veteran of 20 years and Principal Artist of two different multibillion dollar videogame franchises.
  • Sherry Floyd– E1 Co-Founder: Entertainment Executive with 22 years spanning production, business and development in games, film and advertising.
  • Isaac Hannaford – Art Director: Designing new worlds professionally since 2002. Contributing to teams and products ranging from Team Fortress 2, Halo 3, Halo: Reach and Destiny.
  • Mike Baldwin – Engineering Director: Engineer with over 18 years of professional history developing AAA products for some of the game industries most well-known beloved franchises.
  • Peter Carlson – Design Director: 21 years working at the intersection of bleeding-edge technology and Design creating for Hololens, virtual reality platforms and AAA games.
  • Cameron Pinard – Technical Art Director: Technical artist with over 12 years of experience on AAA franchises across multiple generations of hardware, including the Halo and Destiny series.

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